New Teachers Make a New Home Here at Lakeview High


Alec Bartholomew, Reporter

alec-b-new-teachers-cole alec-b-new-teachers-giancolaA new year has begun here at Lakeview High School and so have many new adventures. One of these many adventures is for the new teachers here this year. Mr. Giancola and Mr. Cole are the new ones attempting to better the students here at Lakeview.

Mr. Giancola is the 9th Grade Intervention Specialist teacher. Giancola studied at and graduated from Youngstown State University. When it comes down to his reasoning for applying to teach here at Lakeview he mentions how his mother, also known as Mrs. Giancola to the students, was once a guidance counselor here at the school back in the school year of 2014-2015. He states, “I have been around Lakeview my whole life and because of this it has allowed me to understand the great traditions here and see how excellent of a school it has consistently been.

Mr. Cole,the new physical education teacher here at Lakeview, graduated out of Kent State University looking to, one day, be able to teach at a progressive school that valued physical education and he got his wish here at Lakeview.

When it comes down to heading back to college, Giancola and Cole both have similar plans in getting their Master’s degree. So far Giancola and Cole have nothing but positive things to say about the student body this year stating, “What I like most about the students here at Lakeview is the work ethic and the hard work.” Teaching, of course, is not just for anyone though. You must enjoy working with the kids to be a good teacher and Giancola and Cole seem to fit those guidelines.

As far as their plans out of school go, Giancola and Cole differ with the plans in which they had. Cole originally wasn’t 100 percent sure what exactly it was that he wanted to do after graduation like many people today whereas Giancola had a set plan. Giancola states, “Upon graduating from YSU, I initially thought I wanted to work with middle school students. After working here at Lakeview and being a part of the high school, I know that working with high school students is exactly where I want to be.”

Despite being their first year here at Lakeview, both Giancola and Cole seem to really enjoy the student body and staff so far. Giancola even stated, “The staff has been extremely helpful with me being a new teacher and I enjoyed getting to meet and know all of the students here at Lakeview too. So, when it comes down to it, Giancola and Cole have taken on new roles here at Lakeview High School and seem to be doing a solid job so far along with the help and support of the staff and students at Lakeview High. Many more adventures are still to come for this group of young teachers.