Top Dog 2023: Zac Haley


Cayden Buhala, reporter

Senior Zac Haley is approaching the end of his high school career. Haley has not always attended Lakeview schools, but he has been here most of his school career. Haley has attended Lakeview ever since first grade. Haley has made tons of memories and friends while attending Lakeview and is excited to start the next chapter of his life after high school. 

Although Haley is very excited for this next chapter of his life coming up he will never forget all of the memories he has made while attending Lakeview schools. 

When asked what Haley will miss he stated, “The cross country practices and the never-ending grind with the distance boys, hanging out with them and having one main goal of being the best runners we can be.

Haley also says that he will miss his cross teammates after he graduates. Not only were they his teammates, but they became family. Haley and his teammates have an unbreakable bond after spending countless hours and days together training or just being with each other. Some teammates he has had for a few years and some are new teammates that joined the team this year.

Haley’s coach, Sean Voorhies, has had the biggest impact on Haley throughout his high school career and for his future. Voorhies saw Haley’s potential as a runner and continued to push Haley because he knows just how good of a runner Haley can be. Not only has he had an impact on sports, but he also has had an impact on Haley’s life and future giving good life advice for when his high school career is over.

Throughout Haley’s high school years, he ran cross country and track and participated in NHS. Haley has also made it to the state final for cross country in his junior and senior years of high school. Haley has taken college credit plus courses throughout his high school career and is very proud of how he has kept his grades high. Haley has been an outstanding student throughout his high school career and he is definitely not the same person he was freshman year. 

Haley says, “I am proud of the time I have committed into training.” Haley has put countless hours into running to achieve the goals he had set for himself.

He was disciplined and barely took any days off. He had a goal in mind and he wanted to achieve that goal. “I am way more disciplined now than when I was a freshman.

Haley also states, “I am just not the type of person to give only half of my effort.” Whether it is related to sports or in the classroom we truly see how Haley gives it his all. Haley would wake up before school and go out and run then also run after school.

While putting so much time and effort into cross and track we also see how he gave all of his efforts in the classroom too. Haley has had excellent grades all throughout high school. He has been taking college credit plus classes and tying that in with his training takes up a lot of time. He has still managed to keep his good grades due to his good work ethic and time management skills. 

As Haley’s senior year comes to an end and he leaves Lakeview, he will always be a Bulldog. He will remember all of the memories he made. “I am proud to be a Bulldog because of the mentality we have, most of us work hard no matter what, and if we aren’t happy about something we work hard until we are.

Haley plans to attend college after high school and go to college somewhere in the general area around us. Haley also plans to run in college. Haley is an outstanding student and runner and can achieve great things in college and life. 

Good luck to Senior Zac Haley as he is preparing for his future!