2023 Top Dog: Emma Schmader


Stasia Hall, Reporter

Senior Emma Schmader was born to be a Bulldog. 

Schmader exhibits many characteristics of a Bulldog. She is recognized by her peers as a hard worker. She is thought of as being very caring, thoughtful, and intelligent. Due to her hard work and dedication, she has a bright future ahead of her.  She is excited to move on to another chapter of her life but will miss her friends and teachers at Lakeview High School. 

Schmader plans on continuing her education at John Carroll University. She sees herself attending medical school in order to be a physician’s assistant. She is eager to attend college but will miss her friends and teachers the most. She believes that her formed friendships will last forever. Due to moving out of the area and into Beachwood, high school to college will be a tougher transition. 

While in high school, Schmader played volleyball for 4 years and loved it. She thinks that volleyball further made her proud to be a Bulldog. This was because of how many games her team won and the spirit they brought.

Schmader was involved in other school activities other than sports. She participated in Student Council, NHS, and French Club. She was also nominated for prom court her junior year and homecoming her senior year. She is looked upon highly by her classmates and teachers.

Lakeview has prepared Schmader for college during her high school career. Schmader says, “They have challenged me with all of my college classes in order to succeed in college.” She is very grateful for the opportunities she received.

She believes that her guidance counselor, Caitlin Schnurrenberger, specifically helped her. Schmader says, “She cared about every single student and made sure that we were doing okay. She would also go to almost every high school game of ours and make sure to cheer us on whenever she got the chance.”

Schmader wished she could redo her Freshman year, due to Covid-19. She believes it was challenging. Schmader says, “When classes went online and we had to teach ourselves everything.” It is difficult for a new high schooler, especially. 

Moreover, Schmader cared tremendously about her education. She says, “My biggest strength was always being hardworking and studying for everything in order to get the grades I wanted.” She is very proud of the GPA she accumulated throughout high school. 

If she could tell her Freshman self something she would give her advice. Schmader says, “To work harder because my future is depended on how well I do throughout high school.”

Similarly, Schmader could give the advice to give younger students. She says, “Always study and work their hardest in order to meet their expectations when finding a college or job.” She emphasizes how important school is.

Throughout those 4 years, Schmader has learned what was really important to her. She says, “I have changed by having the mentality of having to get good grades into wanting to get good grades. This made me study more in depth and make sure I know everything before I take an exam or test.”

High school teaches students many life lessons. 

The hardest part for Schmader in high school was balancing a job, volleyball, and college classes. She says, “I knew I couldn’t slack with college being around the corner.”

Overall, one thing Schmader will never forget was her Senior homecoming. School dances were always a nice place to bond with other students. She appreciates the time has left with her fellow senior classmates she has grown up with. 

Her junior year was her best year of all. She thinks it was her favorite year because of how close she was with her friends. Plus, she thinks school felt less stressful and less challenging than in other years.

 Lakeview and the school body wish Schmader the best of luck for her bright future ahead!