Top Dog 2023: Caden Guesman


Lola English, Reporter

Lakeview has now officially entered 2023. Seniors are in the home run for their final year. As the end of the year grows closer, more and more seniors have come down with senioritis and are ready to be done and move on to the next chapter of their lives. Not too long ago we were kindergarteners wondering what the 23 in our usernames was all about and thinking about how far away that year seemed.

One of those original Bulldogs is Caden Guesman who has been involved with the Lakeview community and has participated in many groups within the school such as the writer’s club, GSA, and drama. The most impactful one was band. Starting band in the 5th grade and continuing into high school participating in concert and symphonic band along with marching band all four years of high school, Guesman has certainly made a mark on Lakeview bands. And Lakeview bands have made a mark on Guesman, who will in some way be preparing for a future that involves music.

Guesman plans to take a gap year after finishing high school to focus on music lessons to strengthen skills in flute. Continuing to grow design skills in preparation for a career that also includes fashion, Guesman is not abandoning siblings and friends, but will still be available to create homecoming outfits. After a gap year, Guesman plans to attend YSU for music or a design school in Cleveland or Columbus for fashion design.

When asked about a favorite memory, Guesman stated, “when the band went to Disney and Universal Studios, and my best friend and I wore matching hoodies and a best friend necklace, and we took a picture in front of the Universal globe.”

Guesman mentioned, “I feel like the opportunity to play as a member of the Symphonic Band is probably one of the most important experiences for my future goals.”

Guesman has a close-knit group of friends that will try and stay in contact even after they venture off in their own directions after high school. This group will never forget the memories they created together or the bonds they formed.

These close-knit connections were able to be made because of “the ability to connect to people easily and understand them on an emotional level.”

Covid-19 hit the seniors attending high school during freshman year and restrictions lasted long into junior year. It is nice to see that the class of 2023 is the first class to get back into the swing with no restrictions laying heavily overhead. Covid had hit Guesman hard and left many obstacles in the way.

Speaking on Covid, “Sophomore year was the toughest year of my life, with the entire school year being affected by Covid, and then my dogs passing away a little over a week into the start of the school year.”

Guesman preserved and pushed on to become more confident. A love for fashion was found through the gutting of the closet that held an old style. This led to the push to pursue a fashion degree.

Senior year has gone to plan so far and has been a good one with friends who have been extremely encouraging and supportive the whole way resulting in a large amount of personal growth that continues to flourish.

Guesman said that the biggest lesson learned in high school is to not “let the smallest things ruin your day because right around the corner, you will find so many small things that will bring you more joy than you can imagine.”

As the year comes to the end we at Lakeview High School wish Caden Guesman the best!