Top Dog 2023: Michael Burns


Aydin DiBell, Editor

Senior Michael Burns has finally reached the end of his high school career here at Lakeview, and while he’s only been here since 7th grade, he’s become an unforgettable part of the Bulldogs of 2023.

Despite having done “absolutely zero” extracurricular activities, and attending “zero sports games”, Burns still has memories to keep after high school, saying he will always remember “The great times I’ve spent with my friends trying to survive our classes and making our way through the year.

Though, Burns will also remember the events, people, and lessons that will impact him for the rest of his life, telling us that the people who impacted him the most “were definitely my friends, the roster of which has changed throughout the years, but they will always have impacted me in plenty of different ways.

That’s not all, though, as Burns also told us that he was impacted the most by “each and every math class of each and every year.” Which is in line with his response when asked what the biggest impact on him was when deciding on his future, with Burns’ response being “I’m going to try to find a career path that has as little math as possible.” And is reinforced by his response when asked about the hardest class he’s taken, that being “any math class.” Many people would agree with this sentiment.

Speaking of the future, Burns noted that he was “more nervous” than excited to graduate, and that it’s due to his “indecisiveness in figuring out a career path, or even where to go.

Luckily, Burns does have some form of plan, as he explained that he saw himself “having some sort of stay at home job” in 5 years, and then “hopefully having a successful career and a good sense of accomplishment” in 10 years. Good luck, Burns!

While it’s nice to look at the future, it’s great to look at the past, as Burns explains that he’s most proud of his “slow but subtle change in personality and attitude” in the past 4 years, and that he believes he’s changed by “growing my hair out even longer, and having a slowly shifting wardrobe.

In relation looking at the past, Burns explains that if he could, he would tell his freshman self that “the freshman year is easy” claiming that a young Burns would “only have to do like half of it.

However, for new freshmen, Burns is less kind, demanding that the children “walk on the right hand side of the halls and try to speed things up a little.” Another sentiment many people would agree with entirely.

That’s not all, though, as Burns thinks freshmen should look forward to their junior year, as he claims that his “junior year was the best period of time” in his high school career, and that his senior year has been pretty disappointing, telling us that “this senior year so far has been such a massive disappointment, being told by everyone that it would be so much fun, just to have it feel like another boring year, but with an extraordinarily annoying schedule.

Burns is still able to look on the bright side though, as he is ready for the next chapter in his life, saying that Lakeview prepared him well by “slowly introducing more and more aspects of college life into high school, preparing me slowly but surely.

In the end, Burns will be an interesting personality to leave Lakeview, and we wish you the best in your future. Good luck, Michael!