Top Dog 2023: Lexi Busefink


Gianna Caruso, Reporter

Senior Lexi Busefink is extremely excited to be graduating from Lakeview High School. Even though she has spent all of her educational years at Lakeview, she is looking forward to her future outside of Lakeview.

When looking forward to the next chapter in her life, Busefink feels that Lakeview has done a good job of getting her ready.

“Lakeview has done a really good job of preparing me to be able to take college classes. The CCP courses have helped me and given me a somewhat preview of college material.”

When asked about what she will miss the most about Lakeview, Busefink said, “I think I will miss the sports and events the most. Playing a sport was the highlight of my high school experience. I also really enjoyed being able to support my friends and other classmates in their sports as well. The football games were always so fun, and I looked forward to them every single week. I loved the pep spirit, and it was so much fun to be able to represent my school and school colors. I will also miss my friends.”

The future is looking bright for Busefink, who is looking forward to attending college. “I applied and was accepted to Cleveland State University and Kent State University. My plans are to attend Kent State and major in Psychology. I am staying somewhat in the area, but I will still be away, but not too far.”

When asked about her biggest obstacles and what might have overwhelmed her in high school, Busefink said, “I think the biggest obstacle has been balancing everything between sports, schoolwork, and friends.  The most overwhelming part of high school was the homework and making sure everything was always done.”

Despite experiencing some obstacles, Busefink had this to say about her biggest strengths. “I think my biggest strength was always completing an assignment. I always made sure I completed my homework even if it wasn’t my best work.”

Busefink feels that her senior year is going well so far. “I feel like my senior year has been going as I planned it would. I still have expectations for the rest of the school year and the activities that go along with it.”

Looking back, Busefink would give this advice to her freshman self as well as the younger students at Lakeview. “I would tell myself and younger students that it goes by so fast and enjoy it and not overthink too much about certain things. Do all activities you can and really try to be involved in everything because it would make the next year so much more fun.”

Looking to the future, this is where Busefink sees herself five and ten years from now. “I see myself hopefully coming out of college, getting my job, and possibly moving in somewhere. In ten years, I see myself hopefully settling down with a forever house and starting a family.”

Busefink was involved with sports while at Lakeview, and it led to one of her best moments here. “I was involved with soccer and track during high school. The best social event was when our team won districts, and everyone ran out onto the field with us.”

When thinking back over the last four years, Busefink said she had learned this about herself.  I changed and matured every year, and I learned that everything goes by so fast, so cherish all the moments.”

Throughout her four years at Lakeview, Busefink said her favorite year was, “my junior year because it was the most fun, and we didn’t have to start thinking about serious responsibilities yet. I wish I could have a do-over for Junior year because it was my favorite.”

Some of Busefink’s favorite days at school werethe days I would have games because I was always looking forward to them.”

Busefink took many classes while at Lakeview, and she had this to say about her favorite and not-so-favorite classes. “My favorite class was probably Psychology or Sociology, but my hardest class was Chemistry.”

She said that some of the people she encountered through high school impacted her life. “My best friends made high school so much more fun, and all the teachers impacted it as well.”

Busefink feels that the thing that makes her most proud to be a Bulldog is seeing “everyone come together at events and all the pep spirit.”

All of the Bulldogs here at Lakeview are proud of you, Lexi, and we wish you all the best in the future.