Top Dog 2023: Stefanos Makroglou


Tyler Hovance, Reporter

Stefanos Makroglou is a senior attending Lakeview high school and has been in Lakeview schools since kindergarten. He has played football, baseball, and bowled throughout his high school career but this is only the beginning of a great future. Makroglou is very excited to start his life after high school knowing there are new opportunities to come.

Makroglou’s biggest commitment was football where he played center as a three year letter for the team along with being co captain of one game playing an important leadership role. Makroglou had held a lot of responsibilities being a part of the football team always being watched so he always made sure he was setting a good example being a model student athlete.

He says, ”Football has taught me many valuable lessons in life and is something I will remember forever. Because of football I will know how to work hard for what is worth it and always persevere.”

Involvement in high school and sports has really changed his outlook on life and made him many friends. He understands this will all change and is excited to see what the future will bring. As he moves through life he will never forget the experiences and laughs shared in the lakeview high school CCP lounge.

Makroglou also says, ”I enjoyed Proms and Homecomings because of the memories I made with my friends dancing and having fun.

He has also enjoyed the fruits Lakeview high school has to offer like CCP. The college classes have been the hardest but also the most beneficial portion of Makroglou’s life. He thinks this will be the most helpful thing he chose to do in high school when he gets to college. 

Makroglou states, “CCP Bio was the hardest class I had to take through my High school career. This will most definitely be useful because I won’t need to take it in college where it could be harder.

Makroglou knows that when he is out of high school he will start his life. He is fully prepared to start that new life but will miss Lakeview, His friends, and his family but no matter where Stefanos goes he will always keep a piece of his hometown with him in memory.

Some of Makroglou’s best memories were made at Lakeview High school; these were all alongside some of his best friends and some people he considers brothers. Friday nights were the most fun he had in high school just because of the time spent with his friends.

Makroglou reveals, “My best memories were on the football field on Friday nights out there fighting with my brothers.

After High school Makroglou plans on attending Findlay where he will start his new life studying to be a pharmacist. He is excited to help people and get opportunities to make people feel better.

Makroglou says, “I’m all about opportunities and am extremely excited to get to Findlay and get a better outlook on life. I will always love Cortland, Ohio, but it is time for me to move on and I will make my pharmaceutical dreams come true.

 He is excited to start his new life and meet new people but will never forget the things he went through at lakeview High school; and the opportunities that were given to him by the high school. Stefanos will come out of high school the same way he went in and that is hungry to succeed in anything he puts his mind to.

Good luck, Stefanos!