Top Dog 2023: Maggie Pavlansky


Izzy Haines, Reporter

This Senior spotlight goes to Maggie Pavlansky. Pavlansky has been a Bulldog her whole life and has accomplished many great things here at Lakeview High School. After graduation Pavlansky will be attending the University of Tiffin to study exercise science and play volleyball.

 With college in her future, Pavlansky will always remember her high school years. I asked Pavlansky Has your senior year played out as you planned? She stated, “It has! I was able to commit to college in early December and sign my NLI surrounded by all of my friends and family. It was super rewarding and comforting knowing I am set for the next few years of my life. I’ve also had a great senior volleyball season and I have enjoyed my last year of basketball so far.”

Pavlansky has had a remarkable impact on Lakeview athletics. She is a four year letter winner for volleyball, basketball, and softball. 

Looking back at the last four years, Pavlansky has changed a significant amount. I asked Pavlansky “How have you changed the most through the past 4 years?” She said, “My senior year I have taken everything for what it is and I have truly enjoyed my time at school and with my friends. I am still able to take school seriously and keep everything in perspective while having fun enjoying the time I have with my classmates.”

Pavlansky is also very involved with Lakeviews curriculars. She takes part in the National Honor Society, Senior Beta and French Club. All while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.

Not only is Pavlansky a role model herself, she also has people she looks up to. Pavlansky goes on to say that her role models are “My parents because being in the same school as both of them for the majority of my schooling career has been amazing and I would not have it any other way.” 

As Pavlansky’s senior year comes to an end there are many memories she has made at Lakeview and things she will miss. She goes on to tell us what she will miss the most about high school and she states “I will miss seeing my teachers and Izzi Petrilla.”

Pavlansky said she will also miss, “my favorite class with Mrs. Miller’s 6th period calculus class in the fall semester. We were awesome.” 

Although, Pavlansky’s favorite class was her calculus class, there were also classes she didn’t think were so easy like “Chem I and Chem II with Murph, but it was also the most rewarding.” 

 Out of all the fun times there are in high school, for Pavlansky her most exciting time was “Homecoming my junior year.” 

Although there is always something students would like to change during their years of high school, Pavlansky stated that “I wish I could redo my junior year. I put too much stress on myself due to college and schoolwork.”

While Pavlansky will forever appreciate her high school years, she is excited to “meet new people, my future volleyball teammates, and to experience new things.

Lakeview is excited to watch Pavlansky move on with her career in volleyball and watch her excel as a player and a role model. I asked Pavlansky if she was nervous to play on a new team with new people? Her response was “I am more excited than nervous to play on a new team with new people, I’m sure once I meet my new teammates we will become good friends and I am super excited for that.” 

Pavlansky is moving onto bigger and better things in her successful career. 

She says, “In 5-10 years I could see myself involved with a sports team whether it be coaching or being an athletic trainer, or I could see myself teaching science classes.”

Good luck to Senior Maggie Pavlansky as she takes on her future!!