Top Dog 2023: Caitlin Mark


Mason Littleton, reporter

Senior Caitlin Mark has reached the end of her high school career and she is more than ready to graduate. Mark is heavily involved throughout the school, whether it be extra-curriculars or academics. Even though she has attended Lakeview since kindergarten, she is excited for the next chapter in life.

The future is looking bright for Mark. When thinking about the next chapter in her life, Mark is excited for her future academically and socially.

“I plan on attending Kent State University and as of right now majoring in nutrition or dietetics.”

When asked if she could change anything about her high school career, Mark said, Sports I was involved in. Wish I tried some different things even if I wasn’t good, it would’ve been nice to do something new for myself.”

Looking back, Mark learned a lot of life lessons throughout high school. “Grades do matter and if you plan on going to college, it’s important to keep good grades, they can help with applications and scholarships.”

Mark feels that her favorite event of high school so far was senior year homecoming. I made the best of the night with my friends even though it was my last and I wouldn’t be able to do it again.”

Looking back, Mark believes that senior year has been her favorite school year so far. Definitely have had some lows, but I’ve gotten closer with a ton of people this year and really just enjoying all my lasts before I graduate.”

Like many others in the class of 2023, Mark wishes she could have a do-over of sophomore year. That’s the year we were half online half in person, so I didn’t really take any classes seriously. I didn’t really pay attention in classes and wish I would have put more effort in.” 

When asked if her senior year has played out as planned, Mark said, No. Senior year is a wild card, you never know what’s gonna come next. I like it though because it keeps things interesting.”

Mark participated in many sports while at Lakeview, “Cheer and track were difficult at times but I am so glad I participated in them throughout high school.”

Highschool can be an extremely difficult time for teenagers academically. When asked what kept her working hard and doing her best, Mark said, Nothing. I had the mindset of sink or swim, I sank a lot.” 

When asked what makes her proud to be a Bulldog, Mark said, The community we have has such a supportive crowd whether that be teachers, students, or parents. I feel as if Lakeview is always supporting their students.”

Throughout her four years at Lakeview, Mark said she never had a favorite day of high school. “I don’t think I really had a best day of high school. They all kinda felt the same, the good days were when classes were canceled or near midterms and finals week when there’s barely any classes.”

When asked what teacher or coach had the biggest impact on her high school career, Mark said, Probably Shanower or Miss Bucko. Miss Bucko just always let us know that it was okay to mess up or not be perfect, she never makes you feel bad about anything. Shanower really always looks out for everyone, he has great intentions and pushes students to be their best selves.”

Mark believes that some of the people she has encountered in high school have “really helped me grow, even if they’re not in my life I can now realize what a good friend looks like.”

Good luck in all of your future endeavors, Caitlin, the Bulldogs are all proud of you!