Top Dog 2023: Brianna Wistar


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

Senior Brianna Wistar is excited to move on to the next chapter of her life. Wistar has been a Bulldog since fifth grade. From then on, she has made many memories and greatly enjoyed her experience at Lakeview. After high school, Wistar plans to attend college to become a Physician Assistant. 

Wistar has remained busy throughout high school by being a majorette and varsity cheerleader from 9th-12th grade. She also was a member of the Executive Committee for all four years as well. In addition to this, Wistar was a competitive dancer outside of school.

Wistar is still determining where she wants to further her career and go to college. The options that she is looking at are Mount Union, Slippery Rock, Cleveland State, Kent State, and Youngstown State. No matter where she ends up, she is excited to get a start and move on.

Wistar has been an achiever, and maintained to balance all of her extracurricular activities with school. Wistar explains how she did it by, What kept me working hard and doing my best all the time was seeing the reward for it. With all of my activities, there were times I was overwhelmed and studying for long hours but in return, I earned good grades and academic achievements that made it worth always doing my best and working hard.”

Wistar enjoyed the Fridays under the lights the most. She was a majorette so she was always looking forward to Friday when she got to perform. Wistar explains, One Lakeview experience/moment I will never forget is my last football game as a majorette. It was also our senior night, and it was nice to just soak up performing with my best friends and experience being a part of a Friday night game one last time at our stadium with my friends, family, and coach.” 

Along with these football games comes school spirit. Wistar says, What makes me proud to be a Bulldog is the atmosphere we have created in our school. Within the last few years, we have majorly increased school pride/spirit which allows everyone to always look forward to something within the school, such as an upcoming school event or sporting event.” 

She is one of many students who have been loving the recent increase in school spirit. Wistar feels like this is a good way to end her senior year because everyone is excited about upcoming events. 

Wistar has had many things/people who have influenced her life and guided her to the next path. When asked who has been the biggest impact on choosing your career Wistar says, “My family, friends, and coaches have been the biggest impact on choosing my future because they always support me in accomplishing goals whether that is in dance, school, or any activity.”

Along with people who have influenced Wistar’s life, she believes the school had a big impact as well. Wistar says, “I think the best way Lakeview has properly prepared me for the next chapter in my life is by providing and encouraging taking CCP classes. Taking these college course classes in high school exposed me to challenging classes, but also college expectations and taught me how to manage my time within prioritizing school and other extracurriculars.” 

Wistar is thankful for all the memories she had here at Lakeview. She says, “I will miss the friendships that we have built within the high school the most, especially the senior class. We have built such strong friendships throughout high school and will miss the interactions in the halls, class, extracurriculars, and even out of school. Since our class size is a smaller size, that has allowed us to all know each other and build strong friendships since most of us have been going to school together since elementary/ middle school.” 

As the year comes to an end, Wistar will continue to be an overachiever and go on to the next stages of her life. She is excited about the future and going to college. Wistar will never forget the moments she had at Lakeview and is very thankful for all the opportunities she was given.