Top Dog 2023: Mason Littleton


Ellie Davies, Reporter

Mason Littleton is a senior attending Lakeview High School and has been a Bulldog since kindergarten. He is a true Bulldog. Though he has spent most of his life at Lakeview, Littleton states that he is “more excited” to graduate, however he will “miss the friendships [he] made at Lakeview the most.” 

Throughout his four years at the high school, Littleton has kept himself busy with extracurricular activities. He played basketball up until his senior year and football during his freshman year. He currently plays tennis and is a part of the bowling team. He is also a proud member of the National Honors Society. 

To further his education, Littleton will go on to study Business Administration at Kent State University. He states that his biggest influence when it came to deciding his future was his “love for business and [his] love for [his] parents.” 

Littleton gives insight on how Lakeview has prepared him for his life as a college student. He feels that he is more prepared by being given the opportunity to take college classes.

Littleton said, “These classes have shown me the difficulty of the college classes I will be taking once I graduate.” He is very grateful to be given the chance to work ahead. 

When asked what grade level he wished he could do-over, Littleton responded with, “I wish I could have a do-over of freshman year because I made a lot of stupid mistakes.”

He also states that his greatest obstacle when it came to school and his life was to “have the motivation to learn and get work done during COVID.” 

Similarly, he felt very overwhelmed being a student athlete. “Balancing studying for tests and homework with sports definitely left me overwhelmed. It was a lot to handle at one time.” 

However, Littleton’s greatest strength when it came to high school was “getting [his] work done every time, even if it was a few minutes before it was due.” 

Littleton also states that he wishes he could tell his freshman self to “enjoy high school while it lasts because when you blink it’s over.” 

Moreover, he advises the younger Bulldogs to “make sure they focus on their grades because they end up coming back to haunt you senior year.” 

Littleton’s senior year was his favorite out of all four. His senior year “played out exactly as planned” due to an ease in academics and fun outside of school. He also states that senior year is “much more laid back and the teachers are more sociable with the students.” 

Some of Littleton’s favorite memories at Lakeview were Senior Sunrise and playing musical chairs at one of the pep rallies. These moments are “unforgettable” to Littleton. 

Over the past four years as a Lakeview and high school student, Littleton feels that he has grown and matured a lot.

Wish 2023 senior Mason Littleton good luck when furthering his education at Kent!