Top Dog 2023: Kylie Schwartz


Ella Chadwick, Writer and Reporter

Senior Kylie Schwartz is nearing the end of her high school years here at Lakeview. Schwartz joined this Bulldog class in the 7th grade. As her time here has gone on she has created so many new friends, and has also created so many memories that she will keep forever. As Schwartz looks to further her education she is interested in Clemson, Tennessee and Colorado State to go into Biomedical engineering. 

Schwartz has kept herself very busy throughout her time as a Bulldog. She has maintained a 4.0 while having a part time job, participating in sports and clubs, and with many of those grades coming from hard college courses. 

Schwartz has been a member of the cross country team, basketball team, and track team. Along with being a member of the Executive Committee, National Honor Society, Beta club, Student Council, Youth Led Prevention, and Spanish club. She has been very involved with her school throughout the years which is helping prepare her for the future.

Schwartz said, “Joining the cross country team junior year was the best decision I’ve ever made. It was out of my comfort zone for sure, especially since I had no experience, but it allowed me to build amazing friendships that will last a lifetime. I got to create some of my favorite memories when we had our team sleepovers and went to a haunted house.”

Throughout Schwartz’s time at Lakeview she was pushed, inspired, and helped toward success by two of the best coaches she’s ever had, Coach Quinlan and Coach Nalbach. Both of these coaches helped push her to do her best and helped her grow her love for cross country. 

As Schwartz takes her next steps after graduation she shows how she is both excited and a little nervous about her future, just like most of the seniors are. 

Schwartz said, “I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life. Living in a new place and meeting new people has me excited for college but at the same time I am also nervous because I plan on going kind of far away and will have to start over again away from my family and friends.”

Schwartz loves the experiences that being a student has to offer. Things like club trips, school dances, and sporting events all hold a special place in her heart. 

Schwartz says ”I’m going to miss getting to hangout with my friends everyday and going to sporting events. I also loved going to homecoming, prom, and Beta convention so I am sad that I won’t get to have these experiences in the years to come.” 

Schwartz is moving onto big things and we wish her the best of luck on the next chapters of her life!