Top Dog 2023: Gianna Caruso


Tyler Hovance, Reporter

Gianna Caruso is graduating this year and is excited to start this new chapter of her life. She will miss Lakeview and her friends but will start her new life attending Kent State University where she will be studying for a degree in finance.

Caruso states, “I’m excited to see what the future holds for me and I will be following that up at Kent State University. I will miss my friends but I am excited for new things.”

In high school Caruso played softball and basketball which she made many memories with her friends not only when it came to games but also in practice. She also had good times at the events her sports brought to her.

Caruso says,I will never forget game days for my sports and having team dinners. Also getting to go out and have fun playing with my friends during games.”

Not only was Caruso active on the playing field but she was also very active outside of the playing field. Caruso took her school very seriously which was hard work and all paid off in the end. The hard work was worth it but it was at a cost because of the time she had put into it.

Caruso reveals, “I would say to make sure you always turn your assignments in on time and enjoy school even though it is miserable.”

She also says thankfully, “My family and friends have pushed me these past years to always work hard and to never give up.”

Though Caruso worked hard to get good grades and it got her where she wanted to be, she wishes she took less time on grades and instead focused on having more fun in high school. Through high school Caruso had always prioritized grades and had a lot to say about it.

Caruso states, I would change not being so stressed about school and tests and trying to have more fun.”

Caruso will miss high school but she won’t be going far from Cortland Ohio for she is going to Kent State University. She will miss her friends and the connections she has made with people through Lakeview High School.

Caruso says, “I will miss seeing my friends the most after graduation because we will all be going our separate ways and won’t get to see each other everyday.”

Throughout Caruso’s years at Lakeview High, she went through obstacles and had to overcome them. Caruso states, “I think the biggest obstacle I had to overcome during school was getting adjusted to online learning during covid.”

Covid was a bad year for all and Caruso had to learn online and was unable to see her friends. This is the hardest obstacle that she had to overcome during the years at Lakeview High School. 

Something else that she had to face was tackling sports and school at the same time. Caruso said, “I think what overwhelmed me the most in high school was trying to manage sports and school at the same time.” Being in multiple sports and trying to focus on getting good grades can be overwhelming. 

Caruso had many people she looked upon while deciding her future. Her family was always by her side. Caruso stated, “I think my family has had the biggest impact on me with helping  plan out my future.”

Caruso’s senior year has been what she has expected. She said, “My senior year has played out as I wanted it to. I got into college and have plans made already for after I graduate.” 

Gianna Caruso is almost done with her senior year and will never step foot in a high school as a student ever again. Good luck to her as she approaches graduation and begins her future!