Top Dog 2023: Ella Powers


Erica Giesey, Reporter

Senior Ella Powers is moving on to the next chapter in her life. Powers has been a Bulldog since 3rd grade and has accomplished so much since then. She has made many memories that she will take with her into this new step in life. Powers will be attending Elizabethtown to study in the science field

Even though Powers is nervous about moving on to the next chapter in her life, Lakeview has taught her many things to succeed. 

Powers said the things she will miss the most about Lakeview are, “The people and the opportunities. Lakeview is full of many good people and staff. Lakeview has also offered many opportunities for many students, including myself.”

Powers was involved with different things at Lakeview and these involvements gave her many opportunities to make amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Powers was a part of the Ski Club, an Art Studio, Bowling, and the Soccer team. 

Soccer was one of Power’s favorite parts of Lakeview. She says, “I’m the most proud of being able to work hard with my soccer team to be a part of winning that district title. I will miss the friendships I’ve made in soccer and my soccer team in general. All the coaches and teammates.”

Not only will she miss all her teammates, but she will miss her coach, Marissa Brown, the most because she has had such a strong impact.

Powers says, “She helped guide me in the right direction as a person and as a young female soccer player. I’ve learned so much from her alone. She helped me realize my potential and that even when you think you have no more energy, there is always enough left in the tank to complete the task at hand.”

Soccer has had a powerful influence on where Powers will continue her education. After getting scholarship acceptances from Kent State, YSU, Elizabethtown, and Ohio University, she picked Elizabethtown College because they offered her the highest scholarship and they have an amazing soccer program.

She had a great support system that she always leaned on during high school that really positively affected her decision on the next steps in life.

Powers says, “My grandparents and my Aunt Mary, they have all helped guide me to choosing what I want to do and where I want to go.”

When looking back to her Freshman year there were a few things she wishes she could have told herself.

Powers says, “Coming in as a freshman, I was very out of place, but as the years went on I changed the most during the summer between my junior and senior years. I applied myself, found my own style, and became more outspoken with the people around me.”

These experiences also opened her eyes to things she would tell younger students before entering high school.

Powers says, “Challenge yourself because it will pay off in the long run. There’s no reason to care what people think because half the people you meet in high school won’t ever cross your path again anyway.”

Powers learned to challenge herself and she has been very successful during her high school career because of the work she has put into her education. She will be taking the experiences and memories that Lakeview has given her into the next chapter of her life.

Good luck to Powers in her next chapter of life!