Top Dog 2023: Tyler Capan


Sydney Poptic, Reporter

Senior Tyler Capan is ready to take on the next part of his life as his high school days come to an end. Capan has attended Lakeview for his whole life and has made countless memories and friends throughout his years being a Lakeview student. As his days of being a Lakeview student come to an end, he plans on attending Mount Union to become an electrical engineer and plans on joining the baseball team. 

Capan has been involved in many sports throughout his high school career, stating, “I played baseball for four years, basketball for four years, and football for one. I am a four year varsity letterman and a two year basketball letterman.”

Capan’s extracurricular activities have influenced his plans for the future  because he found his love for baseball. He says, If I did not have the interest in playing baseball I most likely would have gone to a bigger college. I decided I wanted to go to a smaller school so I could get a better chance at making the team and having a better chance of playing.”

Not only has sports impacted his decision for his future, but his grandpa has as well. He says, “Growing up my grandpa and I did electrical jobs and I got taught so much stuff about it that I got a great interest for. If he did not show me this as I got older and taught me more about it I probably would have picked something different to study that I was not educated on.”

Although times got tough, Capan always worked hard and tried his best. He states, “I kept working hard to make myself and my family proud because they always motivate me to do better and know I can create a good future for myself. If I gave up it would have gotten me nowhere and I would have let everyone including myself down.”

Throughout his high school career the people he will miss the most are some of his closest friends Hayden Rozzo and Luke Canzonetta. “They have been my boys since day one and we always have a good time no matter what we do. We always got each other’s backs and I have made some of my favorite memories with them that I will never forget.” 

During his high school life a specific teacher has had the greatest impact on his life. He says, “Mr. Carson has always motivated me to do what he knows I’m capable of achieving and has pushed me to be a better person and athlete through these last 2 years of high school. Without him I would not have worked as hard as I do now and he always makes sure I am on task and doing what I am supposed to be doing whether it is school or sports.”

In the next 10 years, Capan sees himself owning his own business. He states, “ In 10 years I see myself with my own business of some sort and making the best out of the opportunities I was given. I also want a family and want to be able to provide for them as much as I can.”

Good luck to 2023 senior Tyler Capan as his high school career comes to an end and his new chapter begins.