2023 Top Dog: EJ Paucar


Stasia Hall, Reporter

EJ Paucar is a proud Bulldog of Lakeview High School. Paucar has been a student at Lakeview since he was in 5th grade. Throughout those memorable years, he has gained some best friends he will miss the most when graduating from Lakeview. 

Paucar is a well-known band member. He sat 1st chair alto saxophone in every band he has participated in this year. The commitment and dedication he gives toward music are shown. He hopes to continue this in the future at college. 

He plans on attending YSU. He specifically chose this university because of the connection he has with the band. Paucar says “I choose this university because I have a plentiful number of ties to the music staff there.” He believes it makes sense to attend a school you already have a history with.

YSU has many more benefits that spark his attention. He says he has, “a keen interest in the Dana School of Music, an excellent music program that will help me accomplish my goals of musical composition and saxophone performance.”

Since high school is coming to an end and college is right around the corner it is great that he already has a plan for his future.

Although Paucar is nervous about graduating so soon. He worked so hard throughout high school for his next chapter in schooling. He has been planning on going to college for a while. And, he hopes to obtain many scholarships to help him pay for college.

Throughout those four years of high school, Paucar believes that his sophomore year was his favorite. He says, “schedules were very flexible, and learning from home was very convenient.” In his sophomore year, he had to go online for COVID.

While some people did not like to be stuck at home, Paucar made the most of it! On the downside, his classes with the band grew harder. It was difficult for all his fellow members to practice together.

Paucar looked on the bright side of things. He was determined to improve while he had time at home. So, he did which led him to love his band career even more.

At Lakeview high school, you are exposed to many experiences that will impact your future.

Paucar says,” My two best friends had the biggest impact on me throughout high school, even if I’m not particularly close with them at the current time. They created an environment where we could speak our minds and talk about high school in general, as well as our own personal thoughts and experiences. We had different perspectives on things, but those different ways of thinking helped impact me personally.” 

Along the way, you develop strengths and weaknesses. 

Paucar believes that the amount of coursework in some of the classes was unbearable. But through that struggle, he gained some strengths. He thinks he can retain the knowledge from his classes well, now.

Since Lakeview high school cares deeply about the education of the study body, it is common to say you will struggle at some point. The college classes provided are given to help set up students for the college experience.

During all four years of high school, Paucar found Music Lit & Appreciation his favorite class. While CCP Biology was the hardest class.

Lakeview high school offers many CCP courses to the study body. These classes are often challenging and can help you obtain focus on certain classes. 

If Paucar could talk to his freshman self he would give him advice. He says, “Keep calm under pressure, focus, and utilize an agenda when things become complex.” 

Next year, Paucar will be attending YSU for music composition and literature. We wish him the best of luck!