Top Dog 2023: Alex Piacquadio


Mason Littleton, Reporter

Alex Piacquadio is a senior attending Lakeview high school and has been at Lakeview schools since sixth grade. Piacquadio attended John F. Kennedy before coming to Lakeview schools and her preference is made clear by her seven year stay in the Lakeview school district. Even so, Piacquadio states, ” I am more excited than nervous to graduate high school.” 

Piacquadio has played a big role in Lakeview athletics, playing varsity soccer for four years and cheerleading as well. Off the field, Piacquadio has participated in the 126 club and Spanish club.

College is a big factor in Piacquadio’s motivation to graduate. She says, I plan to go to Ohio State to major in health sciences. After that, I want to go to PA school.”

When asked what she will miss most about Lakeview, Piacquadio said, I will miss the amazing friendships I learned over the years. I will also miss playing soccer, it was my passion.”

Piacquadio is for sure going to miss her time here at Lakeview high school. Piacquadio wishes she could give her freshman self some advice, I would tell myself not to worry and that everything always works out. I would also tell myself to stop wishing the time away, it goes way too fast.” 

When asked what advice she could give to younger students, Piacquadio said, High school goes by so fast. Even if you don’t like it, try to enjoy every moment because you will remember it the rest of your life.”

Piacquadio may not be set on which college she wants to attend but one thing is for sure, “I am planning on moving away. I want to experience the freedoms that come with being a college student and I know I am ready for the obstacles.”

When asked where she saw herself in five years, Piacquadio said, “I hope to see myself traveling the world. That has always been a dream for me.” 

Even though Piacquadio is excited for college she will definitely miss the memories and friends she’s made at Lakeview, “I will miss my friends the most after graduation because they are the ones I got to share my high school experience with.”

When asked how she had changed the most over the past four years, Piacquadio said, “I have changed a lot over the last four years. Looking back at me as a freshman, I realize how immature and dumb I really was. I have learned how to be more independent and have grown a lot. As a senior I feel ready to go out into the real world. The one thing that hasn’t changed are the amazing friendships I have made while attending Lakeview high school.”

Piacquadio likes to think back on some of her favorite days as a Bulldog, “My favorite day of high school would have to be the first day of senior year. It felt surreal that it was my last first day.”

When asked how people in high school impacted her life, Piacquadio said, “I have made a lot of great friendships that have had an amazing impact on my life. It was amazing to see everyone grow up together. Lexi Busefink, Stasia Hall, Maddie Mathews and Dino Haidaris were some of my favorite people to hangout with. Lexi and Stasia played soccer with me for four years and have become my closest friends that I will remember forever. During my senior year. Maddie and Dino always made me laugh. When us three hangout I am always laughing. Those will be some great memories to look back at.”

Good luck in all of your future endeavors Alex! Everyone at Lakeview high school will miss you and your Bulldog spirit!