Top Dog 2023: Lola English


Izzy Haines, Reporter

This Senior spotlight goes to Lola English. English has been a Bulldog her whole life and has accomplished many great things here at Lakeview High School. After graduation English will be attending a college out of state to Major in Pre-law. English has been accepted to many great colleges including “Miami, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Purdue, and UCF.”

With college in her future, English will always remember her high school years. I asked English, has your senior year played out as you planned? She stated, “Yes and No. I wasn’t sure about the year if I wanted to go out of state or not or how I would end the year out.”

English has had a remarkable impact on Lakeview’s cheer and track team being a 2 year letter winner in cheer and a 4 year letter winner for track.

Looking back at the last four years, English has changed an outstanding amount. I asked English, how have you changed the most through the past 4 years? She said, “I have matured a lot and grown as a person. I have become excited for my future and not scared.”

English is also very involved with Lakeview’s curriculars. She took part in the Youth led prevention, 126 club, National Honors Society, and executive committee. All while maintaining a 3.97 GPA. Taking part in all of her extracurriculars I asked English, how did your extra-curricular activities impact your decisions about what you are planning to pursue for the future? She replied, “I think they have just prepared me for having more responsibility for things such as practicing and having to do things outside of school work and balancing these things.”

Not only is English a role model herself, she also has people who have impacted her life for the better. I asked English, what teacher, coach, or other Lakeview adult had the biggest impact on your high school career or future? She went on to say, “I would have to say that Miss Bucko influenced me in a couple ways, for starters her class was the class that made me realize I did not want to go into the medical field after wanting to since kindergarten, she has also helped me and supported me in finding what I did want to do.”

As English’s senior year comes to an end there are many memories she has made at Lakeview and things she will miss. She goes on to tell us what she will miss the most about high school and she states, “The people I am friends with and making more memories.”

English said she will also miss, “My friends that have helped and supported me to get me to where I am at now.”

Out of all the fun times there are in high school, for English her most exciting time was “My senior year getting to cheer every Friday night with my friends for the last time.”

Although there is always something students would like to change during their years of high school, English stated that, “I wish I could redo the beginning of junior year just because I was unmotivated and got my first and only B the first half of the year.”

While English will forever be a Lakeview Bulldog, I asked her, what made her proud to call herself a bulldog? She states, “I am proud that I had the opportunity to go to a good school that provided me with what I needed and supported me in my decisions.”

English is moving onto more exciting and better things in her successful career.

She says, “In 5-10 years I see myself graduating from college in 5 years and in 10 years I plan to have a house and be happy and content in life.”

Good luck to Senior Lola English as she takes on her future!!!