2023 Top Dog : Thomas Spencer


Cierra Davis, reporter

Senior Thomas Spencer is moving onto the next chapter in his life. Spencer has been a Bulldog his entire life and is excited to move onto the next chapter in his life. 

Over the time Spencer has attended Lakeview, he’s learned a lot and has a lot of memorable experiences. He will never forget the time, freshman year, when it was the first time they won a soccer game against Canfield.  

Along with playing soccer, Spencer also played golf. Along with extracurricular activities such as Ski and Board Club and Vintage Sports Car Racing. Although he does wish that he had a better soccer team. 

In the future he plans to “move to Florida so he can play golf and where the weather is warm all year round.” Along with going to College in Florida to study nuclear engineering. He’s been accepted to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and is waiting for more college opportunities to pop up. 

Spencer is most proud of his well-doing in sports and school. “Becoming more responsible and prioritizing things that matter to me over pointless things” is one of the biggest ways he’s changed over the past 4 years. “Don’t wait to do stuff because it causes unneeded stress and causes you to miss out on things.

Throughout high school he has encountered a lot of people. A lot of them helped him realize that nuclear engineering is a career he could do. “It gave me the confidence I did not have.” Taking CCP college classes prepared him for the next chapter of his life.

He’s proud to be a Bulldog because of the high academic standards. Along with Spencer’s high school career, chemistry teacher Joshua Murphy was his favorite teacher. “Murphy made chemistry fun and gave me things to look forward to in my future.

There were times when obstacles were thrown at him and things got to be challenging as well. “The amount of work compared to middle school. Along with being a terrible writer.” But he still got A’s and got into CCP writing classes. 

Even though there were things Spencer struggled with, he also had strengths. “Being able to balance sports and classwork well enough to get A’s and perform well in sports.

He has a really nice support system and people that help support his future. 

Spencer says, “My mom and grandpa are very smart and creative people, they are people who have impacted my future.

While lots of people say their senior year goes by fast, Spencer has a different opinion. “I was ready to be done with school faster than I thought I would and it’s making school a drag.”

Although Spencer says that senior year has been a drag, it was also his favorite year. He got a new car and had a really good season in golf and soccer. And over the years football games were his favorite. 

Throughout his high school years, he says he wishes he could have a do-over for Freshman year. Freshman year was hard because that was the beginning of Covid, and everything was shut down due to the pandemic, although his favorite day of high school was freshman year when his team beat Poland and got to go to District Finals. 

His favorite class was College Algebra, but his least favorite was CCP calculus. 

Spencer claims that he would tell his younger self to not procrastinate so much. And he gives the same advice to younger students, to not leave things at the last minute and procrastinate.

He is a hard worker and has a lot of his mind made up on what he wants to do in the future. Good luck to Thomas in the future!!