Top Dog 2023: Daylen Chapman


Ellie Davies, Reporter

As the end of her senior year arrives, Daylen Chapman soaks up her last few months at Lakeview. She has been a Bulldog for six years and is a bit nervous, however excited, to begin a new chapter of her life in college. Throughout high school, Chapman has been a cheerleader and has competitively danced outside of the school. 

After she graduates, Chapman plans to attend Kent State University and major in nursing. She plans to stay somewhere in Kent because it is the “perfect distance” in order for her to make visits home. 

In five years, Chapman plans to use her nursing degree and “be working in a hospital helping others and making a difference in the world.” 

With graduation approaching, Chapman reminisces on her time as a Bulldog. She states she will “miss her friends the most.” These friends are the “ biggest reasons why [she] made it through high school, without them [she doesn’t] know what [she] would’ve done. They have made [her] last four years memorable and [she] will never forget about them.”

One moment at Lakeview that Chapman will never forget is her junior prom. Surrounded by her best friends, Chapman began to dance to “Two Step,” instantly having a great time. The music and having her friends by her side made the night a night to remember. 

While high school had mostly been enjoyable for Chapman, it was not without its obstacles. One hardship during high school Chapman had faced was the overwhelming amount of tests and quizzes. When she heard a test or quiz was approaching, Chapman would “stressed out so much because a lot of the time they decide what grade you have in the class and [she] is not the best test taker.

She also wishes to do-over her junior year. She feels that she “took it for granted and missed out on a lot of things.” Her senior year did not meet the expectations she had set. She believed that she would have more “done and planned out than what [she does] now.” Right now, she, naturally, feels stressed. 

However, Chapman never let her stress get the best of her. She states her “grades are what pushed [her] to do better. If they were low [she] was determined to bring them up and do better next time.” She has also made herself very proud throughout her high school career by “making honor roll for every nine weeks the last 4 years.” 

Her favorite year throughout high school was her sophomore year. She states, “even though Covid ruined a lot of things, it didn’t stop [her] from having a good year.” 

Chapman’s favorite class in high school was her anatomy class. She states “it’s so interesting and is helping [her] with [her] future.”

Similarly, she feels that Lakeview has set her up for her future in many ways. Lakeview has taught her to “stay organized and [how to be able to work] with a work load of homework.”

Some advice Chapman wishes to give her freshman self would be that “high school does fly by in a blink of an eye so don’t waste any moments. [She] would also tell [herself] that everything works out in the end but [she] would also warn [herself] that [they] do go through a lot of stress but it all pays off.”

She also has good advice for the younger students attending Lakeview. She would tell them “to not take anything for granted. High school truly does fly by, so spend as much time with your friends as you can and take high school seriously because it will help you in your future.” 

Good luck to Daylen Chapman as she starts the new chapter of her life!