Bulldogs Bulk!


Tyler Hovance, Reporter

The Lakeview Bulldogs are always working hard not only in the classroom or on the field of play but also when no one is watching. When the lights are off the Bulldogs are hard at work always lifting weights and perfecting their craft during the offseason.

Each sport has their own way of becoming the best they can for the upcoming season. They start very early just to make sure they get all of the hard work they can to win as many games as they can.

Softball and baseball have been working hard since December doing things like hitting practice when it’s cold outside and going on the turf any chance they could to actually practice game situations. Even though their games start in late March they understand that working hard at this since December is very important for winning.

Softball player Junior Izabelle Haines says, “We have been working very hard to produce the best product we can on the field. The hard work in the offseason does suck but in the end it is very worth it.”

Baseball player Senior Tyler Capan says, “Head coach Carson is always ready to take on a good offseason working us to our limits and staying ahead of the game in the off season. We love hard work and we know that it is needed to get us our best season.”

Volleyball kicks off the season much earlier not only with the school but many of the players understand it’s important to play year round and the athletes decide to play for club teams on their own. 

Volleyball starts their offseason training in February with the school which gives them more than enough time to become perfect at their craft because their season starts in August. This hard work truly does show because Lakeview has had a very successful team these last couple of years.

Volleyball player Sophomore Reagan Price says, ”Our Coaches have us working hard to produce what we do on the court. It’s a long off season and it is very important for us to keep up on skills and keep on perfecting them.”

Football also starts their offseason very early which is only a month after the season. For the football team the season ends in October and they start working hard come late November or early December.

Football strives to be perfect the entire offseason giving their best foot forward throughout all of their off season training. After the last couple of seasons the bulldogs understand the importance of hard work and perfecting what they do.

Football player junior Samuel Gillis says, “During the off season we kill our bodies every single day to produce what we do on the field. We understand that perseverance and going as hard as we can in the off season will give us the best opportunity when the time comes to actually play. Coach Romano makes sure that we work as hard as we can each day and we are always ready for the hard work tomorrow.”

Other sports get the job done in the offseason as well. Every Bulldog understands how hard work will change the outcome no matter what. They also understand that the work that is put in the offseason is important because that is where the games are won and lost.

Lakeview has so many sports that work so hard in the offseason and the community thanks them for it. Everyone comes to watch everyone play and this sight makes all of the athletes’ hard work worth it. So the whole community thanks you Bulldogs, keep working hard and have a great off season!