Top Dog 2023: Aydin DiBell


Michael Burns, Reporter

After attending Lakeview for his entire school life, Senior Aydin DiBell has finally reached his senior year, ready to finish high school for good. Lakeview will have to say farewell to a long standing member of the class of 2023.

Fortunately, DiBell tells us that he is “More excited” than nervous to graduate from high school, though he’s been prepared by being shown the “importance of good strategy and planning in order to do well and not lose my mind.

Unfortunately, DiBell will miss his “teachers the most about Lakeview” telling us that he believes they “were always kind and helpful and made classes actually interesting.” 

Throughout his time at Lakeview, DiBell says that the most overwhelming part was “the work especially around midterms and finals. At one point every school year it feels like there is a mountain of work on my plate I will never be able to get done.”

Though, DiBell believes that he’s good at getting his work done, telling us “I would say my biggest strength is my ability to work hard to get my work done. While I suffer from chronic procrastination once I actually commit to starting my work I can power through it even if it takes all day.”

Funnily, though, DiBell tells us that his main driving force was “the fear of failure is what kept me trying my hardest.” And when asked what impacted him the most throughout high school, DiBell responded, saying “I found a good group of friends I could rely on to help keep me going when I needed it.”

In regards to his future, DiBell told us that his after high school plan is to take some time to get some money and fully plan out my career. I will probably become some kind of mechanic.” This falls in line with how DiBell believes his next few years will go, which is “In 5 years I see myself in training to become a mechanic and in 10 years hopefully I’ve made a good life with a nice house.

DiBell’s future is understandable, considering his long time interest in “fixing things and tearing them apart to see how they work. Another thing is always helping my dad fix our cars.” This interest of which he claims has impacted him the most in deciding on a future career.

While speaking about DiBell’s future career, it was brought up that DiBell would love to “move closer to the mountains” but believes that he’ll “more than likely end up staying in the area.

We asked DiBell how he believes he had changed in the past 4 years, to which he responded “I think I’ve changed the most by really developing my personality and interests instead of just latching on to whatever anyone else liked.” It’s always good to hear someone finding their own personality.

While thinking about the past years of high school, DiBell answered the question of which year was his favorite, admitting his “ junior year was without a doubt my best year because I had the most friends and I had most of them in my classes. The year was easy and I could glide through it relatively stress free.

In regards to his senior year, though, DiBell informs us “I came into my senior year with very little expectations about anything because I didn’t really know what to expect, but for the most part it has been a normal school year with a slightly harder work load because it’s my first time taking CCP classes.

When asked about the possibility of a do-over, DiBell admitted he wishes he could “do my freshman year over because I can’t think back on it without wincing, I handled everything in just about the worst ways possible” which is a fitting response, since DiBell was eager to give advice to his younger self, telling his freshman self to “not to stress as much and just roll with the punches.”

All in all, DiBell seems to have had a pretty interesting career here at Lakeview. After this year, it’s easy to say that Lakeview will be sad to lose a very familiar face. All of us wish you the best of luck in your future, DiBell, and it’s easy to say that you’ll likely end up right where you want to be. Good luck in the future, Aydin, Lakeview believes in you!