LHS Softball Plans to Out Play, Out Work, Outlast!!


Izzy Haines, Reporter

As the spring season is approaching the Lakeview Softball team is ready to begin their season. These athletes are hoping for a fun and exciting season. The team this year consists of 16 players for both JV and Varsity teams. The team includes 3 seniors, Maggie Pavlansky, Ella Chadwick, and Gianna Caruso.

There are 3 freshmen this year that are thrilled to get varsity minutes on the field.

I asked Freshman Mackenzie Stowe if she was excited for her first season of high school softball. She states, “I would say that I am excited for my first year of High school softball. I’m glad I get to play with school friends and just have fun while challenging myself to get better for upcoming seasons. It also helps that I play travel softball which helps my nerves a little too.”

Stowe is the team’s catcher with a very fun and energetic personality. She loves to have fun but also can be very serious.

Stowe isn’t the only Freshman excited to play with the big dogs. I also asked Freshman Kalyssa Werner if she was excited to play her first year of high school softball. She excitedly says, “Yes, I’m so excited for this season! I can’t wait to play with my team and to play with teammates I have never played with before!!”

Werner is the team’s infielder who is a very speedy addition to the team.

The Bulldogs have a very competitive and Athletic group of girls playing this year. More than half of the team plays travel softball which helps improve the team’s talent and they are ready for a good season.

Senior Ella Chadwick goes on to say that, “I’m so excited for this season. I’m hoping this season will be one to remember. I’m going to miss this team next year! I have made so many memories playing softball and I’ll cherish them forever.”

Chadwick is going into this season strong being the team’s Senior pitcher. This is Chadwick’s last year ever playing with the Lakeview Bulldogs softball team.

The girls season will begin March 27th playing against Struthers High School. Hopefully the girls can pull a win for their first game of the season. It will be an exciting game!

The Lady Bulldogs are staying positive this year preparing themselves for the season.

I asked Senior Maggie Pavlansky how she has been preparing herself for this season and what is your main goal this year. She stated, “To prepare for this season I have been getting a lot of reps in practice to get ready for the season. My main goal is to win as many games as we can and have a chance to win the conference.”

I also asked Junior Olivia Easton what she is doing to prepare for the season and she replies, “I’ve been focusing really hard on my pitching to make my Junior season a successful one. I am so excited to play with my teammates this year and hope that we make it far in the season.”

Easton is the team’s Junior pitcher and has a positive and bubbly attitude which helps bring the team up while playing. She is very encouraging and builds her teammates’ confidence.

The team’s positive attitude and their desire to win can take the Lakeview Girls softball team far in the conference. Hopefully this year the team will be able to face tougher teams outside of the NE8 and hopefully make it far when it comes to tournaments. But for now, they have to focus on the conference. Good luck to the Lady Bulldogs softball team this season!