Bulldogs Stress About Scheduling


Ellie Davies, Reporter

As the second semester of the year rolls around, the papers for the next year’s schedules are passed out. This time of the year can be exciting, as it symbolizes the end of the school year. 

This year, however, is a bit different. Lots of schedule changes have been set and for juniors trying to schedule out their last year at Lakeview, this can be quite stressful.

Many classes had been taken off the scheduling paper due to a lack of teachers. This has hindered many students’ plans for their senior year. 

Usually, upcoming seniors have a good idea of what they want to major in in college and they will base their classes on what they plan to do. Students will schedule college credit plus classes in order to get ahead and save money.  

Junior Tyler Lucas states, “It has made scheduling a bit more difficult since there are less classes to take. Most of my schedule next year is electives.”

This is a very popular issue, especially for the upcoming seniors. 

However, guidance has been extremely helpful in this situation. Instead of not taking a class because there is no teacher, students have the opportunity to take it online. 

The guidance counselors also feel a sense of stress when the scheduling season arrives. 

Caitlin Schnurrenberger, the junior and senior guidance counselor, states “It’s definitely a more stressful time with scheduling. Students usually have a set plan for what classes they want to take and sometimes not all the classes can go together to fit into a schedule. We really try to encourage our students to keep an open mind when planning out which classes to take.

There has also been a whirlwind of emotions when scheduling their senior year.

When asked how she felt about scheduling her senior year, junior Elizabeth Fazekas states “I was excited to explore what courses I’d be taking in my last year of high school and I am excited to see what my senior year will hold for me.

Contrasting to Fazekas, junior Zoe Baker felt a bit nervous when coming face to face with her schedule. She states “I’m not really sure what I plan to major in or even what I want to be. When it came time to schedule, I was a bit nervous. I would rather base my classes on my future rather than just to fill in class periods.”

The senior scheduling season is a stressful time, however it is not only stressful for seniors. Freshmen also felt some pressure when planning out their next year. 

Freshman Camryn Ross states, “I wasn’t sure if I would be making the right decision when picking out classes. We were given a lot of information at one time and it was a lot to comprehend. The graduation requirements seemed like a lot to reach and at that moment I felt stressed. After talking to upperclassmen, I feel more confident in my decisions with classes. I’m very grateful for their advice.”

Overall, scheduling can cause stress, despite the age. With the help of upperclassmen and guidance counselors and advisors, it will all be okay.