Top Dog 2023: Victoria Elser


Michael Burns, Reporter

While most of our seniors have been here for most of, if not the entirety of the high school career, Lakeview is fortunate enough to welcome a fresh face to our halls! Victoria Elser, who is a member of Lakeview’s bowling team, is spending her graduating year here at Lakeview. 

During her short time at Lakeview, Elser has been “Bowling” for the Lakeview team. Despite graduating from a new school district, Elser tells us that she is “More excited” to graduate high school.

Luckily, Elser has made plenty of new friends, telling us that one thing she won’t forget is the “new friends” she’s made here at lakeview. Fortunately, these friends were good enough to be one of the things she’ll miss from Lakeview, answering “my friends” when asked what she’ll miss.

Elser’s friendly nature extends to her advice, as she claimed she would tell her freshman self to “be a different you. Be friends with everyone and ignore the drama.” Though, her advice to new freshmen would be to “focus on yourself.” 

Instead of focusing on the past, when Elser was asked about her future plans, she responded “going to ETI for medical assistance.” And it seems like Elser’s on track, as she told us that “ETI” has already accepted her, and that that’s the college she chose to go to. Congratulations, Victoria! 

Though, Elser is unsure on whether she will be going, telling us she “has no idea” whether or not she’ll be staying in the area or moving away. 

Thankfully, Elser believes she’s been prepared enough by Lakeview, telling us “They’re very understanding but they also have prepared us for whatever path we take through all the hard work and fast paced work, they have taught us the real word with chew us up and spit us out.”

Despite the fast and hard work, Elser was able to pull through, and told us that her “Mom” was who kept her going when it was getting difficult. On top of that, Elser tells us that her greatest strength was “Understanding the work quickly.” All of this combined likely made her hardest class, “chemistry” not so hard after all. 

Elser had help during these difficult classes, though, and she tells us that she is thankful to “Mr. Shanower, he has been the biggest help and the most understanding person I have ever met. He has helped me through a lot and I wouldn’t graduate without him.”

When asked about how she would redo her school career, Elser told us that she would not want to “move around so much.” In particular, though, Elser wants to redo her “Sophomore year” of high school. 

Though, when asked about her favorite year, it was without a doubt “senior year, due to the fact that people have matured.” However, this doesn’t mean that this year has necessarily played out how it was expected, as Elser responded “no, people are meaner than you think” when asked if her senior year has gone as predicted.

However, when asked about people that have impacted her, Elser said that her “sister” has been the biggest influence on her future, telling us that “she is living very well and I aspire to be her.” Hopefully this will succeed, as Elser told us that in 5 years she sees herself “living a lavish life.”

Altogether, Senior Victoria Elser has seemed to have had a very eventful high school career, and while she may be new, Lakeview is more than happy to welcome her to Lakeview’s class of 2023. Good luck on your future, Victoria, Lakeview is rooting for you!