Final Destination at Lakeview Drama Department!


Saige Muresan, reporter

The 2023 Lakeview Drama Department just ended its annual school play. This year we hit our record of the biggest club so far. This year’s final play ended on a good note: to look at life from a different perspective. While leaving our audience with a good ending point, we are sad to see our best people go. Our seniors mean the world to us and have shown us that there is more to drama than just reading and learning lines. Despite having to say goodbye to our seniors, we know that they have many more things to look forward to.

When talking with Senior Olivia Menz, she had wonderful things to say about the play.

Menz states, “I am happy with it! I think everyone did a really good job and even though the high schoolers didn’t understand the message behind it, the adults seemed to appreciate it.”

Our seniors have taught us to be the actors we are today. They have shown us skills like no other and have prepared us for upcoming shows and upcoming life events.

Throughout these 7-8 weeks, it has pushed us like no other. We work very hard to produce a good show, but some of these days are not the best. However, even with the bad days, we still find our way to make it the most enjoyable possible.

Freshman Tru Campbell reveals, “I am incredibly happy with how the play has gone so far. We’ve had our ups and downs not just for show days but rehearsals too, although we’ve managed to stay such a bonded group of people, and that by far is what made this play amazing and what will keep it amazing for performances to come.”

The only reason we were able to make it so far is our very own director, Andrew Purdum. Purdum has been able to show us various skills of not only theatre but of life. He makes it a good time, which causes us to want to be there. He cares for us and shows us how to be better actors even on bad days. Some say he overworks us, but he just wants us to be even better.

Junior Saige Muresan explained, “It was not easy whatsoever. We definitely had some bad days toward the end, and that was hard, especially with the seniors leaving. Being with these same people for hours upon hours became tiring and exhausting at one point. You have to think right before show day we have run this show countless times, and it is hard to keep up with it. Even though it was hard and tiring, it does not mean we did not have a good time. I bond with the same people over and over again during each show and it gets better and better. We are still a family at the end of the day, and these people mean the world to me. I am sad to see these seniors go, but I know they have better things ahead.”

Although this experience has been amazing and we have had great performances, we got cut short. Last Saturday, we had a power outage throughout the state. While we members were at the school getting ready, and almost done, the power went out. Our backup generators kicked in; however, it was not enough for our stage lights and the whole auditorium. Half an hour before the show, we canceled and told everyone to go home, and with that, we rescheduled. Our rescheduled date is Friday, March 31 at 7 pm. We are hoping the show is still as good as it was 6 days ago, but we know we got this.