Spring has Sprung at Lakeview


Tara Lytle, Reporter

Lakeview students are excited to be getting a 4 day weekend this coming weekend. Students will be celebrating Easter and this is what Lakeview is calling Spring Break. Some students are staying home and being with friends and family and some are going out of town. 

Junior Brooklyn Hutton is going to Destin, Florida, for spring break and to celebrate Easter. She says, “Even though we do not get a long break I am super excited to get out of Ohio and get some sun. My whole family is coming and we will be celebrating in Florida. I am very excited to get away and have a good vacation with my family and get out of Ohio.”

Senior Alexis Busefink is also going out of town. Alexis is going to Pennsylvania to visit her family and spend Easter with them. She states, “I am very excited for our four day break as I will be going out of state to visit my family and celebrate Easter. I will be spending the rest of my spring break with my friends and enjoying the time off.” 

Most Lakeview students will be staying home and spending time with their family and friends. The weather will be nice and it will be warmer than it has been, which is good for all students. 

There will be a track meet and a boys varsity baseball game during our break. The track meet is home at 4:30 on Friday, and the baseball game is Saturday at West Branch. 

Junior Tyler Hovance will be staying home and spending time with his friends and family. He also has a track meet on Friday that he will be doing shot put and running in a relay. He states, “I am excited to participate in my track meet on Friday. It is our first home meet which will be exciting. The rest of my break will be spent being with my friends and also my family. For Easter I will be with all of my family in Akron. I am very excited for this long weekend we have.”

Sophomore Addison Allen will also be staying home with her friends and family. She states, “I am looking forward to our long weekend. I will be hanging out with my friends the whole weekend and then spending Easter with my family. I am also looking forward to the warm weather that we will be having this weekend. I might even be able to go outside and do things outside. Which will be exciting. I will also have softball practice and the warm weather will be nice for that.”

Sophomore Kennedy Bartlett will be staying home and enjoying the time off. “I am super excited to be getting time off, and I will be spending it at home with my friends. I have softball practice which will be fun because of how warm it is and it will be nice to practice in the warm weather. I also will be spending Easter with my family and everyone will be coming to my house to celebrate.” 

Lakeview students are very excited to get a long relaxing weekend. This will be a good break as we are closing out on the school year. It should be a nice warm weekend as well so hopefully students will go outside. Happy Easter and Happy Spring Break!