Lakeview Freshmen Reflect On The School Year


Gianna Caruso, Reporter

Freshman year is full of many emotions: a new building, new teachers, and new experiences. I spoke with some of our freshman students to reflect on their first year at Lakeview High School and what they are looking forward to in their sophomore year. 

First, I asked these Freshman students what their favorite memories were about freshman year.

Sofia Caruso said, “I would say my favorite memory from my freshman year would be getting to do majorettes. I loved getting to hang out with my friends and also getting to make new friends. I also loved performing at band nights and halftime shows.”

Ashlyn Miller said this about her freshman year. “My favorite memory from my freshman year was homecoming. It was very exciting going to my first high school dance with all my friends.”

Sadie Hertzer also had some great memories to share. “I would say my favorite memory from my freshman year would be getting to attend homecoming. I loved getting dressed up with my friends and having a great time.”

Fellow freshman Marshall Morris said, “My favorite memory was getting to be out on the field during every football game with my friends.”

Melena Zervas said, “The best memory from freshman year would be spending time with my friends. I loved the opportunity to be in majorettes and spend my Friday nights out on the field. I also went to every dance and got to experience what it was like with my friends. I also enjoyed being on the student council and decorating for the winter dance.

Although these freshmen had great memories of their first year at Lakeview High School, they realized that there were some bumps in the road along the way.

Miller felt, “The most challenging part about this year is definitely adjusting to the new building and my math class.”

Caruso stressed the importance of balance. “I would say the most challenging was making sure I was balancing all my school work and my extracurricular activities at the same time.”

Hertzer said, “I think the classes were the hardest part of my freshman year, and just getting used to the high school environment.”

Looking ahead to their sophomore school year, these freshmen are excited about what the new year will bring and the new experiences and memories they will make.

Caruso is excited about the new school year. “I am looking forward to getting back into majorettes and being with my friend during the football season. I am also looking forward to the many school events too, like homecoming.” 

Miller said, “I am looking forward to cheering at many more football and basketball games. I also look forward to spending time with my friends and attending more dances.”

Morris said that he could not wait for next year. “I am looking forward to turning sixteen so I can get my driver’s license. I can’t wait until I can drive to school and feel more independent.” 

Hertzer is also looking forward to the next school year. She said, “I feel like I will be more prepared next year and know what to expect going into my sophomore year, which is a relief. I can’t wait to make more memories with my friends and the people I’m around at school.”

Zervas, too, is looking forward to her sophomore year at Lakeview. She said, “I am excited for next year for band camp and to be out on the football field performing at halftime with my friends again.”

Good luck to our Freshman class, and remember, Sophomore year is a great time to start exploring your interests and discovering what you’re passionate about. It’s also an excellent opportunity to get involved in extracurricular activities and build your college application. Enjoy the journey and make the most of it!