2023 Top Dog: Madison Bayus


Lola English, Reporter

Madison “Maddie” Bayus is a senior attending Lakeview high school and has been at Lakeview Schools since fifth grade. Bayus attended Warren Lincoln School before coming to Lakeview School where she decided to stay and call home. Making countless memories, Bayus said, “I wouldn’t want to graduate from anywhere else.” 

Bayus enjoyed being involved with the Volleyball team starting in the 7th grade and being on the varsity team for 3 years. Bayus said her favorite memory was, “playing in districts my sophomore year.”

Bayus was also involved in youth-led prevention, 126 Club as a spirit leader, Nation Honor Society, executive committee, and student council. She is grateful to have these opportunities and stated, “they made me the person I am, I have learned to be grateful and enjoy every opportunity handed to me.” 

College is a big factor in Bayus’s motivation as she prepares to graduate as one of Lakeview’s valedictorians. Bayus is undecided on which college she is going to attend, she says, “I plan to major in criminal forensics at Coastal Carolina, Bowling Green, Ohio State, or Youngstown State University.”

When asked what she will miss most about Lakeview, Bayus said, “playing volleyball and going to Lakeview’s football games.” 

When asked about what teacher impacted her the most Bayus replied, “Mrs. Wood, I can go to her with anything from school to real life. She has never failed to be there for me and she truly guided me during my last two years of high school.” 

When asked what advice she could give to her freshman self, Bayus said, “I would tell myself to enjoy every moment and take it as it is my last because it goes by so quickly.” 

Bayus cannot wait to start her college experience and make new friends, saying, “I am excited to venture out and meet new people, we are such a small school compared to the colleges I am deciding between.” 

When asked where she saw herself in ten years, Bayus said, I hope to have a secure job and be high up in a corporation.”

When Bayus was asked about what she would miss the most about the memories she made at Lakeview High School, she replied, “I am going to miss seeing my friends and talking to them in person every day. My close friends always made sure to check on me and we were always laughing together.” 

When asked how she had changed the most over the past four years, Bayus said, “I have changed a lot over the last four years. I think I truly found my voice over the past years and discovered who I really am. I had a lot of guidance from my friends and parents and wouldn’t change a thing. I was able to find what I wanted to do in my life and how I wanted to help others.” 

When asked about graduation Bayus said she is most excited about, “finally walking across the stage and realizing that all the hard work I put in was worth it. It will be a bittersweet moment but I can’t wait.” 

When asked about her closest friends Bayus replied, “My closest friends during high school really helped shape who I am. My best friend Abbie Sprockett is always there for me and listens to me no matter what I am dealing with. I was also close with Lola English, Mara Crish, and Sydney Peterson. I know I can always count on them. I played volleyball with Sydney and Mara and will hold those memories with me forever. I have been friends with Lola and Abbie since 6th grade and have made so many special memories with them and will continue to talk to them even through college.” 

Good luck in all of your future endeavors Maddie! Everyone will miss you and the spirit you brought to Lakeview High School!