Lakeview Celebrates Mother’s Day

Aydin DiBell, Editor

As May swiftly approaches so does Mother’s Day, a celebrated yet often forgotten holiday not to be overshadowed by Prom or any other event. With a lot going on both in school and out with summer on the horizon and seniors winding down their final year, it is important to look to our mothers and give thanks and remind them just how important they are whether it be through a gift, dinner, or simply quality time spent.

 It’s easy to forget the importance of the holiday, but without mothers none of us would be where we are today.  Which is why we asked several students their plans for the holiday and how to honor their mothers. Not surprisingly, 100% of students responding agree that spending quality time with mom is better than a gift.

Junior Saige Muresan plans “to go hang out with the whole family and have a little get together with a good meal, and fun games” which seems like a great way to celebrate by bringing the whole family together.

Freshman Izabella Ash is doing something similar by “celebrating [her] mom and trying to make sure she knows just how much I appreciate her.”  

Others like Senior Cole Oriti want to do something extra special and “go out to eat with my mom somewhere she likes and I’m trying to get her something nice this year as I have a stable job this year.

Our Bulldogs this year aren’t letting Prom get in the way of Mothers Day with many such as Muresan simply “doing it the following weekend” or like Senior Andrew McRoberts where “prom will fit into Mothers Day weekend,” because for seniors this will be the last Prom which is an important moment for both student and mother that will make this Mother’s Day an unforgettable weekend. 

While quality time remains the most important aspect of Mothers Day, it is still nice to give back in the form of a gift, but it can still be tricky picking out the perfect gift. Luckily, we asked the students some of the best ideas for gifts if you are still on the fence.

Ash thinks “Heartfelt gifts are the most thoughtful ones in my mind, especially homemade ones. Whether it be a card, a note, or something you made for your mother, it shows a deeper love that a store bought gift doesn’t.” This is a perfect idea as a homemade gift is a great way to show your appreciation even if you don’t have a lot to buy an expensive gift.