2023 Top Dog: Aiden Schulman


Tara Lytle, Reporter

Aiden Schulman is closing in on his senior year and he claims to be more excited to be done with high school. He plans on going to Youngstown State University after high school and he is studying electrical engineering. 

Schulman claims he likes to build things and think about how things work. He said, “I enjoy building things and thinking about how things work so engineering was a good choice for me.”

Schulman has attended Lakeview schools his whole life and has been very excited for this moment. He had to overcome some tough obstacles but is excited for this next chapter of his life. Aiden played football throughout high school and he says that was the hardest thing he went through, tackling both football and school. He said, “Tackling football and keeping up with schoolwork was a challenge, but I did it and enjoyed every moment.”

Schulman has had great friends throughout his years here at Lakeview, and that is something he will miss the most. He says, “I will miss the people I surrounded myself with the most when we all go our separate ways, and I hope to be close with them all after high school.”

Over the last 4 years, Schulman is proud of everything he overcame. He states, “I am proud of the obstacles I have overcome with football and the things I have done in school. I broke my ankle my sophomore year and I had to earn my spot back, it took time but luckily I was able to do that. I have matured a lot over the years and I am proud of myself for that.”

Schulman has enjoyed his senior year the most, and it has played out just like he expected. He said, “Senior year has been my favorite year so far, I feel like I do not have to worry as much and just enjoy the time with my friends and the people I will not see again.”

Throughout his years at Lakeview, CCP Biology was his favorite class by far, and CCP Chem was the hardest class he has taken. 

Schulman says that he wished he would have told his freshman self “that high school flies by and to make every moment count.” He also said to younger students, “enjoy high school while you can because it goes by fast.” Schulman says that the biggest life lesson he learned was be happy with what you have and don’t take anything for granted. 

Schulman says that his favorite teacher was Mr. Murphy. “Mr. Murphy was by far my favorite teacher, he always made everything such a fun time.” 

Schulman is sad to be closing out on his years at Lakeview High but he enjoyed it while he was here. He is proud to be a Bulldog. “The culture here makes everyone feel welcomed and it is such a great place to be, and everyone succeeds.”  He has had a great experience throughout his high school days and he will miss it, but is ready to move on with his life. 

Good luck to Aiden Schulman as he is approaching the final days of high school!