Seniors Detail Life After Graduation


Lola English, Reporter

As the year comes to an end everyone is excited to celebrate the 2023 summer. The seniors are feeling anxious and excited about what is to come next for them. Whether it is college, trade school, the military, a gap year, or going straight into work there is much to plan for.

For many, this is the last summer they will spend with all of their closest friends as they go their separate ways. Summer is a time of fun and relaxation and making new memories to carry with you throughout life.

Many are planning on balancing work and social activities so that they can save money and still have fun at the same time.

Senior Maddie Bayus said, “I worked a lot during the school year but now that it is the summer I hope that I will have more time to hang out with my friends before they move. Of course, I will continue to save money but I also enjoy my free time.” 

As the weather starts to get warmer there is more to do outside such as hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing, and just about anything you can put your mind to.

Senior Abbie Sprockett mentioned, “I love spending time outside when the weather starts to get warmer. I like exploring nature. I take my dog Wrigley on walks a lot and also enjoy hiking and exploring new places.” 

The summer gives students a break from school and worrying about school work, on the other hand, some may take college classes early or study abroad if it is offered to them. Being newly graduated may be a dynamic shift for some and summer can allow them the time to adjust before moving on to the next chapter in their lives.

Senior Nonda Makroglou stated, “Since I am going to Cincinnati for college I’ll be moving from a smaller city to a big one. Once I get there I feel like I will be really busy with focusing on school but I also want to be able to balance that with my social life. For right now though, I really want to spend time with my friends before moving.” 

For some seniors, they will be missing their normal summer practices for the sports they enjoyed for many years.

Senior Alex Piacquadio elaborated on this saying, “I want to continue to run and work out this summer because I won’t have soccer practice anymore. That was a big part of my life because I had practice almost every day and I will miss it a lot.” 

Some of Lakeview’s seniors are continuing their athletic careers by continuing to play sports in college. Some were offered scholarships and committed to a specific school because of this. Another way some are considering continuing to play is through club sports if they are offered to them at their university. In both cases, students are trying their best to stay in shape and condition before their sport begins.

Some students have decided to start working directly after college and throughout the summer.

This is the case for Senior Hayden Rozzo who mentioned, “I personally knew college wasn’t what I wanted to do and I wanted to start making money doing something that I enjoy right out of high school. I will still have time to hang out with friends and have a social life and this will allow me to find a balance between work and a social life this summer.” 

As the year comes to a wrap we at Lakeview High School wish the seniors good luck in their future endeavors and hope they have a good summer after graduation!