Jrs. & Srs. Look Forward to Pancake Breakfast 2023


Caitlin Mark, reporter

If you like pancakes and dancing you are in luck because this week Lakeview is holding their annual pre-prom breakfast! The Lakeview tradition will carry on allowing juniors, seniors, and staff members to kick start their morning with a warm, yummy breakfast setting the mood for the remainder of the night.

Bright and early on May 12 you will find the publication’s class preparing for this year’s pancake breakfast. Every student currently taking publications class will be involved in helping out with this year’s breakfast. Different jobs like mixing the batter, cooking the pancakes, plating the food, serving breakfast to fellow classmates, and making sure the juice and milk is consistently full are assigned to ensure the morning goes smooth. First year publications student, senior Sydney Poptic said, “This year will be different for me. I’ll be helping out instead of coming and just enjoying breakfast, but I’m looking forward to making pancakes with my friends before prom!”

Breakfast is only $5 dollars and all profits go to fund online publication of the school Newspaper- The Bulldog Bulletin. Cafeteria doors will open at 8:00 a.m and students can join their friends for warm, sweet pancakes topped with butter and syrup. This year complimenting the pancakes will be bacon! Students can also help themselves to juice, milk, or water.

Senior Caitlin Mark and pro pancake-maker said, “I look forward to the pancake breakfast. It’s a great way to start the prom day and I get to help out the yearbook. I’m also pretty good at making and flipping the pancakes, this will be my second year on the job.” 

Senior Mason Littleton, another first year publications student, discussed how he’s eager to be behind the scenes this year, “I think it’ll be fun to help out and serve my friends. I’m looking forward to pancakes and bacon after everyone is served. You can’t go wrong with a classic breakfast paired with some juice.”

Following shortly after breakfast a State Trooper will take a moment to speak about prom safety while everyone is gathered together. Lakeview wants all of their students who are attending prom to have a safe and memorable night. The S.MA.S.H program, Students Making A Safer Highway, talk to high schoolers every year inform them how drunk driving can do serious damage to one’s life.

Dino Haidaris is a current member of S.M.A.S.H who has been learning about driving safety all year. Haidaris gave some helpful advice for safe driving, “One way students can be more cautious on prom night is never get in a car with someone who’s under the influence.  Find another ride.”

Haidaris continued on by saying, “Having seen crash photos, I can also attest to the importance of not driving distracted. While that text or call may seem important, it can wait until you arrive at your destination.”

After breakfast and the safety program conclude, juniors and seniors will return back to morning classes before getting an early dismissal.  Students will occupy their afternoon with hair and makeup appointments, getting all dressed up, and pictures with friends.

Following later in the night at 6:00 p.m students can walk the red carpet at this year’s Prom Preview! It’s only five dollars for those not attending prom. This year’s prom: Under the Stars will start at 7:00 p.m including a night full of dinner, dancing, and dessert.

It’s tradition for students to venture out and have another full day of fun after prom. Many people will make plans for Saturday whether it’s just another get together or even a small road trip. Senior Maddie Mathews talked about her plans, “I’ll be going up to Cedar Point with all my friends I’m really excited” We hope all Lakeview Bulldogs have a fun and eventful prom night and an even safer weekend!