Tanning Big at Lakeview


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

The talk here at Lakeview High School seems to be all about tanning. Many students are making time to tan in different ways for all different reasons. Students are talking all about their tanning appointments, and making sure they look good and ready for summer and Prom. 

There are many different ways students have been tanning. One of the most popular is the tanning bed. A lot of students have started tanning in the beds to look tan for prom. It is pretty popular and has been the talk recently.

Senior Tara Lytle says, “I started tanning for prom and going to Summer Dreams here in Cortland. I usually go during lunch or my study hall in between classes. I usually tan around this year specifically for prom, and love going. Sometimes me and my friends argue about who is going to go first and all rush there to get in and first.

Summer Dreams is one of the popular tanning salons that many students go to. They even have deals specifically for prom going right now because they know how many people go during this time of the year.

The deals include Level one tanning for $29, Levels two & three for $49, and Level four for $89. These deals are all unlimited tanning for one month, but they have other options such as only buying for how many sessions you want to go. 

Senior Brianna Wistar is another popular customer at Summer Dreams. She says, “I really enjoy going there, and I love how close it is to us. I like to be tan for prom, and this definitely helps. I recommend going to Summer Dreams because of their great deals.”

Another way students plan to attain a tan is by self-tanning. Self-tanning has become extremely popular for people who may not want to use tanning beds, or not want to spend the money. Self-tan seems to be a newer form of tanning, that also seems to be popular.

Senior Emma Schmader says, “I usually use self-tan because it is the easiest. It doesn’t take very long to do and has instant results. I like to tan for prom, so I will definitely be using it for prom.”

Another way that some students may consider tanning is by spray tans. Some students get a spray tan the days leading up to prom, and others may get multiple sessions earlier in the year. Either way, spray tans are another form of tanning that Summer Dreams also offers. 

The most popular reason students are tanning is for prom, but some are just tanning at any sunshine we get. Students want to get ahead and catch any UVs they can. We have had several nice days, and students have taken advantage of this opportunity. 

Senior Stasia Hall says, “I love to lay out when it starts to get sunny. It isn’t every day during this time of year so I take advantage of the days it does get nice. I like to just lay out in my backyard, and hopefully get tan. It’s nice to just be outside, during the spring because it doesn’t get too hot.”

Students are making the transition from the cold to the nicer weather, so they are making sure they look tan for summer. It is nice to already be tan once summer comes around, and this is possible by doing all these things. 

This time of year definitely sparks the tanning conversations, and you don’t hear much about it when it is cold and the winter season. Overall, students simply just want to get their tans in for prom, and even summer.