2023 Top Dog: Brooke Schneider


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

Senior Brooke Schneider is ready to take the next steps of her future. Schneider has been a Bulldog all the way from the start of kindergarten. Schneider is excited and couldn’t be more ready to see how the next chapter of her life plays out. As the end of the year approaches, Schneider already has a plan to attend Bowling Green State University to study nursing. 

Schneider made the difficult decision of choosing Bowling Green. The reason she chose this specific college was because, “I got scholarships and the most money off, so it made the most sense to attend here because it was financially smart. I also really enjoyed the campus.” 

Schneider went on several college visits and went back and forth between which one she wanted to attend. The other colleges she was interested in were Miami and Ohio State. Schneider visited Bowling Green multiple times before deciding that was the one she wanted to attend. 

When asked what Schneider will miss most about Lakeview she says, “I will miss my friends the most. I’m sad that we are parting ways, but I know I will make new friends and still be in touch with my friends here. I will miss all the memories we made together.”

Schneider already has her future roommate for Bowling Green. She matched with her through a roommate selection on Bowling Green’s website. Schneider is excited to meet new people, but once again sad to leave the memories spent with friends here behind.

Schneider also is going to miss sports. Schneider kept busy by playing Basketball, Volleyball, and Track & Field all throughout her high school. Schneider was very athletic and was successful in all of her sports.

One of her most outstanding accomplishments was breaking the record for the most basketball steals in a season at Lakeview. Schneider says, “I’m glad I was able to do this, and it paid off for it being my last every season. I will miss my teammates and all my sports so much and that will be one of the biggest adjustments between high school and college.”

Schneider is prepared for college as she feels Lakeview has done a lot to prepare her. She has been taking CCP courses since her Junior year and has taken multiple advanced classes. Schneider had very strong academics and maintained a high GPA all throughout high school. She says, “I think having the option to take more difficult classes is important because it can help prepare you for college when it becomes more challenging. I feel as if I have been very well prepared and not as much worried to take the classes at college because of courses I have already taken.”

Looking back on her high school years, Schneider has one piece of advice to tell her younger self. Schneider says, “They aren’t lying when they tell you it flies by, and to make the most of it. I would tell my younger self to just keep having fun and enjoy every second of it.”

Schneider overall is very excited to move on to the next chapter of her life. Her next steps are to go to Bowling Green for Nursing. She then plans to become a nurse anesthetist. She is excited but knows it will be challenging. Schneider says, “I have always planned to do something in the medical field, it has just always been something I have been interested in. I’m excited but know it will take a lot of time and dedication.” 

Schneider will forever be grateful for all the memories made here at Lakeview and all the opportunities she was given. She is moving on with her life, but she knows she will never forget this chapter of her life, and always look back on all the good times. 

Good luck to 2023 senior Brooke Schneider as she is nearing the end of her high school career!