Entrepreneur Group Asks for Your Vote


Editorial Board, Editor

Four students in Chris Romano’s Entrepreneurship class are asking for your votes in an academic contest they have entered. The group of seniors Mason Littleton, Stefanos Makroglou, Owen Vlk, and junior Jacob Spencer were selected as finalists for the NorthEast Ohio Teen Pitch Competition. They need your help accumulating as many votes as possible on their video to win a $150 gift card for each member of the group. The directions for voting are below.

-After clicking on the link www.yepitch-neo.com, click on “public voting”

-in the top left dropdown you will choose grades 9-12

-The video is titled “Muffled Mower”. Once you click on their video the box at the top will make you create an account to vote. They will not send any additional emails to your account. Once you’ve created your account there will be a thumbs up button above the video, please click the button to vote for their video! You can vote once per day and voting ends May 1st! The other entries are from students from much larger schools in NorthEast Ohio (Hudson, Mentor, Brunswick, Avon, etc.)


Please share this with our community to get as many votes as possible!!

Good Luck Entrepreneur Bulldogs!