Top Dog 2023: Gavin Franks


Cayden Buhala, reporter

As senior year continues to wind down senior Gavin Franks couldn’t be more excited to start the next chapter of his life. Franks has attended Lakeview since kindergarten and has made so many unforgettable memories over the years. 

Franks has kept himself very busy over his high school career as a part of the soccer and track teams throughout high school. He not only participated in multiple sports, but he also was a part of beta club, NHS, French club, and Spanish club. Franks has taken college courses all throughout high school. While doing all of this Franks has been able to maintain very good grades in all of his classes. 

Playing sports throughout high school gave Franks many opportunities for college, but has also given him many unforgettable memories with the teams that he will love forever. 

Franks plans on pursuing his academic and athletic career at Baldwin Wallace University in hopes to become a software engineer. He was accepted into 11 different colleges but felt that Baldwin Wallace was the best fit for him because he plans on running and playing soccer for Baldwin Wallace University. This means that Franks will be moving down to the Cleveland area for college. 

When asked about who has had the biggest impact on Franks choosing his career he stated, “My mother has had the greatest impact by far. She has been the greatest parent and she has always led me in the best direction. My mom has been my coach, my mentor, and she has been the biggest help in my life.

When asked about how Lakeview has prepared Franks for college he stated, “I have learned to never give up on something you are trying to accomplish. I also have learned to stay determined toward what you are achieving.

When asked where Franks will see himself in 5 years he has stated, “I see myself being a software engineer traveling the world. I want to see all the different aspects of the world and traveling the world will help with that.

Franks says that, “Mrs. Graeser was by far his favorite teacher. A lot of people have had their fair share of opinions about our time with her, but during those 4 years I took gifted English with her I learned so much and had the best experience out of any class. Her class helped prepare me for high school.

High school hasn’t always been the easiest for Franks. He wishes that he could go back and redo his freshman year. Going into high school freshman don’t realize how different the school work is compared to middle school. You have to do a lot more studying and have to pay a lot more attention in class. 

Coming into high school Franks says that the math classes are what overwhelmed him the most stating, “Math classes were always difficult for me. I was overwhelmed when I came into high school and had to start taking the high school math classes.

Although during Frank’s high school career, there have been many obstacles and unpleasant experiences like covid happening, Frank’s favorite high school event was homecoming in 2022. “Homecoming 2022 was a blast. I am not really a big school dance type of guy, but I had a blast at this event,” says Franks. 

Throughout Frank’s high school career, he has taken many numerous different classes. Frank’s favorite class he has taken in high school is film and lit whereas his least favorite class is trigonometry. Franks has never been the greatest at math, with writing being his strong suit throughout his schooling career. 

As Franks graduates that means a new class of freshman will be coming into the school. A little advice Franks has for them is, “Take college credit plus classes as soon as possible. You can even take them on your own even if you’re a freshman. I would also say pick an extracurricular activity you want to do and give it your all. Just have as much fun as you can in high school because before you know it you will be graduating.

When asked what Franks is most proud of throughout his 4 years of high school this is what he had to say. “I am most proud of how far I have come in soccer. I started off by far the worst player and I taught myself so much. With all this hard work I have even earned multiple opportunities to play in college.

All of Frank’s hard work throughout high school has prepared him for his next chapter in life. As graduation is just around the corner we wish senior Gavin Franks the best of luck after graduation!