Lakeview Bulldogs Host: Senior Script


Cierra Davis, reporter

As the year is coming to the end, lots of events take place in the final weeks. 

This year’s seniors are graduating, and they might miss a few things about school, even some of their favorite teachers.

So this year’s Education class, also the Future Educators Association group, decided to host an event called Senior Script. 

Senior script was an after school event that took place after school from 3:00 – 4:00 pm, Thursday, April 27th. Seniors wrote letters, as many as they wanted, to their favorite teachers that they had during high school.

It was a great opportunity for the students to write how they felt about a certain teacher(s). 

FEA also brought in pizza and donuts for the students and teachers who showed. 

Many of the students and other teachers thought that it was a great idea, and had a good time.

Senior Alissa Brewer said, “My favorite part about senior script was having the opportunity to thank my teachers for everything they’ve done and give back to them. I really liked senior script. I think it was really nice to see people I like spending time with and being able to tell my teachers how much I appreciate them and the time they put into making sure I succeed and do well.

Senior Dino Haidaris said, “I really liked getting to talk to all my friends about our time at Lakeview and the good memories we’ve made. It was also nice to honor the teachers who made such a  big difference in my life. I think the senior script is amazing. You get to talk with your classmates about the experiences you’ve had with great teachers and get pizza and donuts. It’s a win win.”

Senior Maggie Pavalansky also loved the idea of senior script, she said, “My favorite part about senior script was being able to write notes to teachers with my friends and eat the pizza and donuts! I think senior script was a great opportunity to get together with other seniors before we graduate. I had a great time with all of my friends and the people that went had a lot of fun.”

When seniors first came into the cafeteria where it took place there were several tables with sheets of paper with paper and pencils. 

People gathered with their friends and wrote to their favorite teachers. Some students wrote to multiple teachers, while others wrote to only one.

But even writing to one teacher makes all the difference. The words and feelings that the students wrote into those letters can positively impact a teacher and inspire them to keep teaching. It can give them another reason to love their job. 

Some wrote long page letters while others wrote only a few sentences. But even those few sentences prove that a certain teacher had an impact on them.

Writing letters to your favorite teacher or multiple teachers is a great way to express your gratitude and admiration for someone who has a positive impact on your life. It’s a nice opportunity to thank them for all their hard work and dedication they’ve put in over the years.

Teachers inspire us to pursue our dreams, while also sparking our passions. They help students down the right path. They want what’s best for students’ life and future. 

People wrote them because they had a teacher who helped them become a better or smarter person.

There was a good amount of people that showed up to senior script, along with tons of letters of appreciation that were written. 

Overall there were many people that showed up, enjoyed spending time with their friends, writing letters of appreciation, and eating pizza and donuts.