Bulldogs Gearing Up for Prom 2023


Stasia Hall, Reporter

As the 2023 Lakeview High School year comes to the final few weeks, prom is right around the corner. 

The 2023 Promenade is coming up very quickly! All the girls have got their dresses, and all the guys are preparing their suits. Prom will take place on May 12th. 

The theme is Under the Stars. This was chosen by the Junior Executive Committee. The theme is supposed to represent a movie. This is very exciting for all of the seniors and juniors. 

The tickets will be sold for $30 for seniors, $35 for juniors, and all outside guests tickets are $40. The last day to purchase tickets is May 5th. 

On the day of prom, there will be a pancake breakfast to celebrate the start of the day. At this annual breakfast, the students will be talked about being safe all night for Prom. The School Resource Officer will sit them down to make sure they make the best decisions. 

Prom will start off with a Prom preview at Lakeview High School in the Raidel Auditorium at 6:00 pm. All families are encouraged to come to watch all the students walk across the stage with their date. If you want to watch it will be $5 per person. So bring the family to look at all the dates and dresses that will be shown. 

The Prom Preview will have a red carpet to make the students feel special!

Then to follow up, the dance will be held at St. Demetrius Banquet. The entrance starts at 6:30 pm. Students must be there before 8:30 pm to gain entrance unless there is a certain circumstance. 

Food will be included in the tickets. Dinner is catered by DiLucia’s Catering. 

Students may get pictures taken with dates or friends at prom. The prom committee is working on something different than in other years. One of the changes will be two different setups for pictures. Another great change is that each ticket includes a free picture.

Levak Photography will be taking professional pictures at prom. The first setup consists of a 360 photo. The other one is a backdrop of the theme of the prom. The free picture is available for upgrades.

The Juniors are very excited about their very first prom and cannot wait to see what it is like.

Junior Jake Nicholas says, “I do not know if I want to take a date yet, but I am looking forward to spending time with the boys and eating the food there instead of having to go somewhere first. The pictures are probably gonna take forever beforehand, but I also am looking forward to see who gets on prom court, and prom preview.”

The juniors are all excited to spend their night with their friends and dates. 

Junior Marina Sanders says, “I can not wait to get ready and put my dress on with my hair and makeup done. I am curious to see how different prom is from homecoming and if I like it better. I am excited to do whatever we end up planning for Saturday and after prom on Friday night. I and Cayden are gonna plan something funny for prom preview and hopefully have a good time.”

Prom is all about having fun and taking a break from school. 

Junior Jack Peterson says, “I am excited for prom because all the boys can get together and do something fun. I will not be going on a date since my girlfriend is a sophomore this year, but I am excited to go wherever everyone ends up going with her after the dance is over. Saturday no one is really sure where they are gonna go yet, but I am pretty sure it is either going to be Cedar Point or Kalahari.”

As for the Seniors, this is their last school dance ever. This is their last dance being all together as a class.

Senior Tyler Capan says, “I did not go to prom last year so I am really looking forward to it this year. I am looking forward to experiencing one last school dance with everyone and being with the boys and just having a good time. I know whatever we end up doing afterward is gonna be so fun and overall I think it is gonna be a good weekend.”

Quite a few of the seniors will be attending prom for the first time in their senior year. This is very exciting for them. 

Senior Sydney Poptic says, “I am really looking forward to my senior prom! It is my last one so I am excited to make the most of it! I will be going with Tyler Capan and we plan on doing something really cool for prom preview. And then I am excited for our plans after prom, it will just overall be a really fun night.” 

This will be the senior’s last dance. They are excited to dance away their prom night together. They are ready to be together for a final dance. 

Senior Lexi Busefink says, “I am really excited to spend the whole night surrounded by my friends. It makes me sad to think that this will be my last dance ever but I am excited for the memories we will make prom night. This will definitely be the best prom because it is the last one and will be going full out.”

Before the prom preview, the students like to get together at some place and take pictures together. Most of the seniors this year plan on going to Avalon to take pictures with their class. 

Senior Alex Piacquadio says, “I am really looking forward to going to prom with my two best friends, Lexi Busefink and Stasia Hall. We all have dates so it will be really fun to spend prom around my favorite people. I am excited to get my last dance pictures. I know that Prom will be a bittersweet moment for the seniors. But I am happy we will all be together on our night.”

We wish the juniors and seniors the best Prom 2023 night!