2023 Top Dog: Nonda Makroglou


Lola English, Reporter

Nonda Makroglou is a senior preparing to graduate from Lakeview high school and has been in the Lakeview School District since kindergarten. He has played football throughout his high school career wearing number 55 as a lineman and participated in many other activities. Makroglou is very excited to embark on new adventures after graduating high school.

Makroglou’s most treasured time commitment was football where he was a 3-year letter winner playing the offensive and defensive line. Makroglou even had the chance to step in as co-captain for one game. Makroglou invested a lot of time into football, practicing for many hours not only during the school year but over the summer almost every day of the week. He made many sacrifices which paid off in the end as he made all county his senior year.

Makroglou said, “I will never forget the bonds I made playing football. I will miss playing next year and miss all of the support from my teammates. I learned so many valuable lessons and so much about discipline and I do not regret playing for a minute.”

His involvement at Lakeview High School did not stop there though. Makroglou was also involved in the executive committee, youth-led prevention, and the 126 spirit club. On top of all of his academics and athletics, he still found time to stay involved in helping the school and further make memories with his friends.

Makroglou spoke on this saying, “As hard as it was to balance everything at times I am glad I managed to do it. I will hold so many memories with friends as I move onto the next chapter in my life.” 

It was an honor for Makroglou to attend such a supportive school with so many opportunities. Makroglou took advantage of the CCP courses offered to him and took some of the most challenging ones to get a jump start on college and prepare him for the different dynamic it will offer. He was able to get many of his core classes done by taking the classes offered to him.

Makroglou states, “The hardest class I signed up to take was either CCP calculus or chemistry. I ended up getting a good grade in both of them but it was definitely not effortless. I had to study a lot for both but it pays off in the end because I won’t have to retake them in college.” 

Makroglou is excited to leave Cortland to attend the University of Cincinnati where he will major in business. He is ready to begin the next chapter of his life making new relationships, making new memories, and experiencing a different way of life, although he will always enjoy coming home and catching up with all of his friends that he grew up with.

He stated, “I think new opportunities will be good for me. Instead of being in a small town, I will be in a big city instead. Of course, I’ll miss everyone but who couldn’t be excited to move?” 

Makroglou made an endless amount of memories throughout his high school career. He made some inseparable bonds with his friends he even considers brothers.

Makroglou spoke on this saying, “Of course, some of my favorite memories were on the football field, but I will never forget the hangouts with all of my friends that we had after the games and the great times we all had.”

He is excited to start his new life and see what the future holds for him in the big city of Cincinnati. His long-term goals after graduating college include starting his own business although he is unsure in what field.

Lakeview High School wishes you the best in your future endeavors. Good luck, Nonda!