Top Dog 2023: Eliza Farr


Lexi Busefink, Reporter

Senior Eliza Farr is moving on to the next chapter of her life. Farr has been a Bulldog since fourth grade. Farr can’t wait and is eager to see how her future plays out. As the end of the year is almost here, Farr plans to attend the University of Kentucky to become a Physician’s assistant.

Farr has had a long college-picking journey. She has visited many colleges and was very indecisive about which one she was planning to go to. She finally came to the decision to pick the University of Kentucky because, “It just felt right, I really like the campus and just everything about it. I am super excited. My brother also goes there so I was able to have many visits there to really make sure it was where I wanted to go.” 

Before Farr had officially picked the University of Kentucky, she had other plans. Farr was really interested in the University of Michigan. She was a big fan and took many visits there. Every few weeks she would go up there for the weekends, but in the end, it just wasn’t her pick of choice. 

Farr is a dancer and is possibly continuing her dancing career in college. She has tried out for many college dance teams. She has been to several camps, and that was what brought her to Michigan for most of her weekends. She tried out for the Kentucky dance team and will find out more information about it soon. Farr puts a great amount of time and effort into dance and says, “I have been dancing since I was very little. I danced competitively and fell in love with it. Dancing is something I want to continue doing because I love it so much. I know being a part of the dance team would allow me to meet more people and just have a good time. I spend a lot of time dancing because it always is worth it in the end.”

Not only has Farr kept busy while dancing, but also been involved with many sports and activities here at Lakeview. Farr has been a part of the varsity cheer team for both basketball and football all four years. She played Soccer for two years and Track and Field for four. She had the opportunity to go to State for track in the four-by-one-hundred-meter relay. She is also an active NHS member. 

Farr is going to miss Lakeview so much, but she is excited to see what her future brings. When asked what Farr will miss most she says, “I will miss all the friendships I made here. I have made so many memories that will never be forgotten. I will definitely miss the dances, and am excited to have one last one coming up.”

Farr has some advice for her younger self and the underclassman. She says  “Make sure you really take in every moment because it is true when they tell you it flies by.”

She also says “Take the classes seriously, and try to get good grades because it will come back in your future.” Farr has been very academically successful and has maintained a good GPA throughout her high school years. She puts effort into what she does and has really given it her all these past few years. 

As the end of the year approaches very soon, Farr is sad but hopeful for the future. She has big plans for the next steps of her life. Farr says, “As the days are ending, I am just making the most of what I have left. It is very bittersweet, but I know I am going to have the best summer with all my friends.”

Good luck to 2023 senior Eliza Farr as she is nearing the end of her high school career!