Girl’s Track Run Another Great Year


Stasia Hall, Reporter

The Girl’s Track team is outstanding once again. They keep their impressive record each year. Lakeview High School is incredibly proud of the exceptional performance of each girl track runner.

This year there is a large class of seniors. There are a total of ten senior runners this year. Most of which accumulated a four-year letter running track. 

These girls ran track together through middle school and onto high school. They have grown into incredible runners. 

The seniors are not ready to end their final year of track.

Senior Brooke Schneider says, “Track has always been one of my favorite sports. I love connecting with my friends and the new freshman each year. I have made so many memories while being on the track team. Track will always have a special place in my heart.

Just like Schneider, Sydney Peterson has memorable moments from track. 

Peterson says, “Ever since middle school track, I have just loved running. I do hurdle, long jump, relays, pole vault, and just regular running events. I love involving myself in different events. Stasia Hall and I have been doing hurdles since we were in middle school, and we have just stuck with it since. I hope this year Hall and I make it to regionals for hurdles.

The seniors have not let up on the pressure the alumni seniors placed on them. 

The team has once again won their conference track meet. They have a streak of being 3-year conference champions. Thanks to their peers, this group of girls has been pushing themselves each year. 

At the conference meet the girl’s 4×400 relay broke a meet record. The relay consisted of Lexi Busefink, Eliza Farr, Stasia Hall, and Brooke Schneider. They had a time of 4:16.40. These young ladies were proud of their performance. 

Busefink says, “I was excited to see that we had a chance to break the meet record, that pushed me harder throughout the race. I knew we could do it because our best time was already better than the listed record time. I am proud of those girls for pushing themselves too. It was such a great moment seeing us all happy for running such a good time.” 

Overall, the seniors have been all successful individually. 

Lola English and Peterson both have been working very hard on pole vaulting. Their PRs are better than ever. 

English says, “I have been putting so much effort into pole vaulting. It is truly my event. I let up on the running events so I could put all my focus on pole vaulting. I am hoping my work will get me far into the more important track meets. I am really excited to see how far I can go this year.

While most of the seniors have been doing track since middle school, for Alex Piacquadio it is her first year. 

Piacquadio says, “I have always wondered what it was like to be a part of a track team. I never really saw myself out on the track running for fun. But my friends encouraged me to try it since it is the last time I could ever run track. I am so happy I listened to them because track is one of those sports that the memories are worth all the work we put in at practice. I wish I would have joined the track team earlier in high school.

This group of seniors has loved each part of this year. 

Kylie Schwartz says, “This was the first year the track team decided to have captains. I was voted to be one of the three captains. I have mostly led the distance girls. That group of girls is the best and we always have such a good time, even during our tough workouts. I am very proud of the way things have been going.

As the girl’s track team continues to grow and break records as a team, we wish them the best of luck. We hope to see some of those girls advance to State for their athletic talent.