Top Dog 2023: Antonio Malone


Mason Littleton, reporter

Senior Antonio Malone is excited to move on from his high school life towards the next chapter. Malone has attended Lakeview schools since freshman year. Even though he has been here for a shorter amount of time than most, his goodbye will be as hard as any. As the year comes to an end, Malone plans to attend Thiel University.

Malone had debated heavily on where he planned to attend college. He was accepted at Westminster, Thiel, and Geneva, but in the end Thiel became his overall choice. Malone took a great deal of time to decide on which college he liked most but in the end he decided that, “Thiel is definitely the right place for me to continue my academic career.”

When asked to relay a story from Lakeview that he will never forget Malone stated, “In Mr. Murphy’s science class we launched rockets on the football practice field and it was a fun time. I remember watching me and my classmates fail over and over again at launching the rockets.”

Malone feels he is more than prepared for life as a college student. He says, I feel that Lakeview has done a great job in preparing me for college by setting their expectations high.” 

Something that Malone struggled the most with during high-school was school work. He says, The heavy amount of schoolwork over the years has definitely caused some problems for me. Once you learn to work hard the overwhelming feeling diminishes.”

Malone’s love for baseball has been a key contributor towards his decision making, My love for baseball has impacted my decision for my future. I plan on doing something sports related as a job. I played baseball freshman through Junior year and I plan on turning my love for baseball into a career.”

Malone is going to miss the friendships he has forged at Lakeview. Although he had a later start towards becoming a bulldog than most, Malone believes he has forged friendships here that will last a lifetime.

Malone states, “My friends because have been pushing each other to succeed and try new things and it has always been extremely beneficial for me and my love for this school.”

Something that Malone wishes he would have differently in high school is slow down and enjoy the moment. Malone states, I planned on living in the moment and enjoying every day of my last year in high school but it has gone by way to fast. I wish I could tell my younger self to slow down and enjoy everything and everyone around you.”

Throughout his career at Lakeview high school Malone has played a number of sports such as baseball, tennis, track and field, and bowling. Malone was most surprised by his love for track and field which he competed in for the first time senior year.

Malone states, “I had always wanted to try out track and field but was never able to because baseball. Once I discontinued playing baseball and started running and throwing for track and field I immediately regretted not competing all four years of high school. Some things in life you find out you enjoy when its too late and this is a lesson I will remember forever.”

Malone believes the biggest lesson he learned in high school to experience new things. Malone says, “When I first started meeting new people and becoming more open minded I enjoyed high school overall much more than I ever thought possible. I believe this has carried over into my personal life and is something I will continue to do forever.”

Good luck to 2023 senior Antonio Malone as he approaches the end of his high school career! Go Bulldogs!