Lakeview Football playoff bound?


Tucker Gidden, Reporter

The Bulldogs have had a good season this year with a 6 and 3 record only losing to Liberty, Hubbard, and Jefferson. Tonight’s game is the deciding option to get us into the playoffs. Beating Struthers is almost a guaranteed spot in the playoffs, while losing to them would require other teams losing for us to attend as the number eight seed.

In a brief interview Head Coach Tom Pavlansky stated, “I think we are playing the best football of the year right now. I think we have a chance to get into the playoffs.” With the fantastic leadership of Pavlansky and the other coaching staff, along with the players’ skills set there is a definite possibility of getting into the playoffs.

Bulldog left guard Hayden Lazzari commented on the game’s outcome, “If we we win tonight we’ve got a 100% chance, and if we lose we’ve got a slim 10.”

Lazzari expressed his views of the season, “I think we’ve battled hard. We lost some games we weren’t supposed to lose, and we won some games we weren’t supposed to win.”