LHS Students Continue to Enjoy Open Campus Privileges

Lauren Barnovsky, Reporter

img_20161024_140428866 img_20161024_140521336_hdr img_20161024_140538973 img_20161024_140550360 img_20161024_140758988 img_20161024_140500698This year many students have become painfully aware of those red lanyards. This first nine weeks was full of juniors and seniors complaining about the CCP passes they were required to wear. Other than the natural complaints of high schoolers, CCP students are very grateful of the incentives program that was established last year. The ability for students to gain the privilege to have open campus has made taking college classes more captivating. According to Assistant Principal Michael DeToro, since last year, there has been a ten percent increase in the total number of students taking at least one class and a whopping thirty-three percent increase in the number of classes being taken.

The CCP lounge is a hub for students during their lunches and study halls. Lakeview Senior, Sydney Powers, says, “The CCP lounge gives me a more comfortable environment to do my homework. It’s a great space to have lunch with friends.” An increase in popularity of the lounge is due in part to the new additions this year that include a Keurig coffee machine, a foosball table, added furniture, and a mini-fridge. The money for these new additions came from a grant given to the school from the GDP foundation, a group of architects that do philanthropy work for K-12 education. All these benefits make the program very enticing for students, but the real prize is getting college credits before ever setting foot on a college campus. The administration is getting students that might not be taking as challenging classes to push themselves and get college credits while doing it. The classes give students rewards for taking risks and gives students as much exposure to college classes while still being in high school. Even though the juniors and seniors sometimes complain about the lanyards, that is the only drawback to such an enriching program.