Should LHS still offer bonus points?

Taylor Carson, Reporter

img_2999This school year has started off with many changes, but the one most students are worried about is the termination of bonus points. The school’s administration believes that bonus points let students slack off on their school work, yet still receive passing grades. That may be true for some people, but for the students that do try, yet still struggle to get the grade they want, bonus points are a life saver. As Katryn Lendvay, a junior here at Lakeview said, “I do all my work; I have good grades, and I still need them. And most of the bonus I received was in exchange for actual work, so what’s the problem?” When you thought it was bad enough that bonus points are technically not allowed, teachers still try to offer them to students under the name “participation points.” For example, in Chemistry class, students were awarded 10 participation points if the whole class wore a Mole Day shirt. Now, that would not have been a problem if every student had made their own shirts, but as it was, only one or two people made the shirts for the entire class so they would all receive the points. Should this really be allowed? Why should one student be responsible for the whole class receiving participation points? The whole situation would be so much easier if the school would just give back bonus points. In a poll run on the Bulldog Bulletin Twitter page, 94 percent of people said bonus points should still be offered. When the statistics are that high, why doesn’t the administration give us what we want? I know this is a long shot, but please, I say this on behalf of all the students here at Lakeview, please give us back our bonus points!