Are Short Stalls Big Problems?


Tucker Gidden, Reporter

When going into the stalls in most of the bathrooms at Lakeview, you may look at the stalls like it is a normal thing that they are short, but it can also be looked at as a bigger problem. Many of the students look at these short bathroom stalls as an invasion of privacy and will wait until the bathroom is empty so that they can finish their business, increasing the time students may be away from the class and causing teachers to create new rules to not let students leave class. ┬áIn a short interview with Kyle Devine, he states, “I think they make the men’s restroom very awkward and if you stand up at the same time as the guy next to you it makes things weird.” Now, the bathroom stalls have always been short and with the inflow of complaints the school actually has taller more “Covering” stalls in the bathroom near Mark Novotny’s Room. The stalls are taller and you aren’t able to see the person next to you when you stand up. So, if a student has to use a bathroom and doesn’t want to have an awkward encounter with another student then he or she may choose to walk all the way to those bathrooms or simply choose to wait it out in the closer, shorter stalled bathroom. The big question is: Why short stalls in the first place? Were students shorter in the past? Or were the stalls intended for an elementary and accidentally installed in our high school? Building improvement funds could be wisely spent heightening the bathroom stalls and shortening students’ nature calls.