Who wears the pants at Lakeview?


Tucker Gidden, Reporter

When walking into the halls of Lakeview High School, or anywhere nowadays, you can see at least one or two teenagers wearing similar Adidas soccer pants. The trend started roughly a year and a half ago with joggers, a kind of pants that are a mixture between sweats and formal pants. Most don’t have a button and are a fitted at the ankle. The Adidas pants are similar in this aspect of no button and fitted ankle. But as you can see, from the picture of Lakeview senior Kyle Hilty, these pants are relatively fitted and look surprisingly fashionable, coming from just being workout pants for soccer players. Erick Debritto was asked in a quick interview about how he felt about the trend, “I’ve had the pants for awhile, but I’ve never really worn them until this year when I noticed other people wearing them.” The pants were originally just for soccer players to warm up in, but as we have seen from past from trends such as sweat pants, leggings, and hoodies, workout clothes are just as good to relax and go out in as they are for working out.

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