Snow Piling up Quick, Yet Winter Break is Coming Quicker


Alec Bartholomew, reporter

     It’s yet another year of winter at Lakeview High School, and the snow is beginning to fall while the temperature keeps getting colder.

     It seems, though, that the students have only one thing on their mind so far and that’s winter break. For many LHS students, finding the best way to make this winter break memorable might be somewhat of a challenge, but that’s no reason to worry. There are many things to fill up your winter break for this year.

    This holiday, much like any other holiday, will bring great deals on products just about anywhere you go. The Eastwood Mall is one of the many places to go to find great deals on clothing items along with electronics which will be the two most top selling products of the year.

    However, if shopping isn’t your style, you can head out to the Ice Zone in Boardman, Ohio. The Ice Zone is a very popular ice rink that many high school and college students around the area attend each year. This is a great place to go to experience ice skating, whether it’s your first time or hundredth time.

    There is another outdoor alternative for the more adventurous people out there as well. Sledding proves year after year that it’s a fan favorite for all ages. Punderson and Brandy Wine ski resort are two very known locations for enjoying sledding once the snow begins to fall. It’s a fun time for anyone who looking for a nice active way to spend the day during break.

    Of course, if shopping or more adventurous activities aren’t your style, then you can always stay home and make some Christmas desserts. Maybe skating and taking a few tumbles isn’t your style, so instead you can grab some cookie dough and get to work on holiday cookies. Then, if the cold winter air has gotten to you enough already you can make a cup of hot chocolate, grab a blanket, and put on a Christmas movie for a nice cozy night inside away from the cool winds.

    There are many great ways to spend your holiday whether you’re the shopping, adventurous, or laid back type. Whatever it is you like to do, just make sure you have a great winter break doing so.