Popular Gifts this Christmas


Sarah Waldron, Reporter

   As the holiday season approaches, students are making their Christmas lists with the intention that they will receive the items listed. Lakeview High School news staff surveyed freshmen, sophomore, juniors, seniors and even eighth grade students. The gifts they hope for arrange from big to large and from simple to complex.

   With the eighth grade students, the most wished for item is games and games systems, and of course, cell phones.

   The freshman students here at Lakeview High School as a majority want apple watches, new technology devices, and clothing.

   The sophomore students still wish for games to play with their Xbox, clothing, and  – the most favored –  money.

   The junior class wants clothing and technology devices such as phones, apple watches, and computers. But one student in particular stated in the category label other that “I would really enjoy getting some sleep and for my family and friends to be happy.” The true meaning of holiday is not to always have the expectation to receive but to give as well. Teenagers all have the mindset that Christmas is the time of year where they receive gifts, but the Christmas season is meant to be able to reflect and spend time with the ones who love you most and give a little love in return.

   The senior class is asking for money, apple computers, and things that would alter on benefit them in their life.

   The most popular gift that most students want in all grade levels was money and gift cards. The second most popular items is technology devices. Lastly, the third most popular item is clothing and shoes. And the least favorite is music items such as headphones, CDs and etc.

   So for this holiday season, do not just plan on receiving gifts; make sure you give and care for others who love you and take care of the individuals that may not be as fortunate as you may be. Give love, and you will receive some back this holiday season.